National prosecutor: far away from Swedish conditions in Norway

Over the past year there have been more confrontations in the open air, with gunshots and an episode where an innocent person was killed.

Several people are charged after a mother and her son were seriously injured when someone shot through the bedroom windows in the apartment where they lived in Lørenskog. The police in Oslo and the eastern police district are investigating various issues, including linked to the turnover and violence of drug addicts.

On Tuesday, Tor-Axel Busch met the police chiefs in Oslo and East, the head of Cripos and the public prosecutor in Oslo to hear how they are tackling the fight against criminal gangs. He is concerned about the development and believes that different measures are needed to solve the problems.

The public prosecutor now has a deadline for September 1 to propose specific measures to the Ministry of Justice.

"We also have to face this gang crime with reactive measures, that is, investigate and bring cases to court," said Busch.

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I look far ahead

After the meeting, Busch would not say whether there was any criticism of the way in which the gangsters had been treated so far. He repeatedly pointed out that the intention was to look far ahead and discuss measures to deal with the situation with gangs that cause unacceptable internal justice, drug trafficking near schools and create uncertainty.

"We do not want areas in our country where it is free to commit crimes," Bush said, with a clear address just above the border with Sweden, where the police refuse to enter at various places.

The prosecutor general said after the meeting that it is not long before there are areas where the police can not enter, but says that they should not exist in Norway.

"It takes a long time before we have so-called Swedish conditions in Norway, but it is important to emphasize it, but we will not have it in our country," Busch told NTB.

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Long prison sentences

It was Busch who called to the meeting, who was being held at his office. He was also informed about the status of several of the investigated cases.

"Several cases are currently under investigation and are likely to result in long prison sentences for those involved," said the attorney general, who is still optimistic.

However, the police are trying to get the means to fight against the new crime, he says.

"There has never been so much crying about resource poverty as it is now, it's up to the politicians and police director to tackle this, but I hear what I hear, says Busch.

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