Neighbors after car borders in Oslo: – First thought it was a shot that was fired

TOTAL DAMAGE: All four cars were completely damaged during the fire of the night.
TOTAL DAMAGE: All four cars were completely damaged during the fire of the night. Photo: Borgen, Ørn / NTB scanpix


The car fires in a residential area on Godlia in Oslo. Last night you step into the reach of carwalls that destroyed the capital last year.

published: Updated: 02.09.18 15:56

There were a total of four cars that were lit from night to Sunday in a residential area near Godlia in Oslo.

– The fires appear as inflicted. It is not normal for four fires to occur in the same area at the same time. The cars have now been towed to forensic investigation, says operations manager Christian Krohn Engeseth, at VG.

The police confirmed VG that night until Wednesday, July 25 this year, also burned in a garage just 150-200 meters from where the four cars that were lit during the night were parked.

"It is true that we have been informed of a fire, but at this stage I can not confirm or explain whether this fire has been applied," says Engeseth, Operations Manager at VG.

The Crime Guard states that they do not yet have a report on the number of car edges it has done so far this year, but VG reported several car fires in the capital last year.

Among other 34 people were evacuated under one of the different car borders at Bjørndal i Oslo in July this year because of the risk of proliferation.

The police could also report two cars that have burned in Haugenstua in January. In both cases the police believe that the fires have been done.

According to NRK there must have been 18 cars in Oslo since 18 July. 2017. There were, among other things, two car paints at Nordstrand in June. Bogerud and Linderud have also been hit by car borders in the past six months, they write.

Awakened by the smell

Arvid Ellingsen, one of the residents in the residential area where the four car-burners took place tonight, told VG that he woke up with a big bang.

"At first I thought it was a shot that was being fired outside our house, I carefully gazed into the garden to find out what was going on, and then discovered several cars that were on fire," he says. .

Ellingsen then informed the police and the fire brigade. Then he called to one of his closest neighbors, where their car was on fire on the outside.

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"They all slept to sleep when I called them, but fortunately the fire brigade of Bryn Fire Station suddenly pulled out the fire before they could spread.

Ellingsen, who lived in the residential area of ​​Godlia for 14 years, says that he has never experienced such a thing.

– A few years ago there was an episode with the disguise of a number of cars, including mine, that had broken the box. But otherwise it has always been quiet and peaceful, he says.

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"I do not think more cars will fire, but from now on I park my car in the garage and I do not want to take any risks.

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Thought it was house fire

Idun L. Stensrud, another resident of the same residential area, also brought the drama that took place at night. She tells VG that she woke up from noise.

"At first I thought there were a few excavators working, but I soon realized that there was a fire when I went out and saw the smoke, when the police and fire brigade had already arrived.

She explains that she also experiences her neighborhood as quiet and peaceful and that she is amazed at what happened this night.

"There were car-lights, it was completely unthinkable for me, I thought it might be a house fire because of all the cases that were taken away, and the incident is unreal to me," she says.

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