– Never run into bad weather

Stian Øvergaard Aarvik from Kalandseid put the competitors in their place in Skåla. The race will first and foremost be remembered for a terrible storm.

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– It was difficult to continue as we approached targets. We knew the wind very well. It was probably good to finish the race as they did, says Stian Øvergaard Aarvik (21), referring to moving the goal of Skålatårnet at 1848 meters down to Skålavatnet, which is 700 meters lower.

Something similar has only happened somewhere earlier during the 17-year history of the event.

– Is this the worst weather you've been in?

– In a racerace, yes. Initially it was level. But the conditions on the mountain were the worst I've experienced in the race, "says Aarvik.

– Blåst ende

Rikard Grov, CEO of Hotell Alexandra in Loen and central to the Skåla Opp event, said they had no choice but to cut on the run-length.

– It was the way people were blown up when they passed the Skålavatnet, they had to sit down and get stuck, he says.

today was well against the wind, Bergian Stian Øgaard Aarvik (21) and German Michelle Maier (27), respectively, went to the top of the men's and women's class.

– You get very touched by this. blood, sweat and tears, says Aarvik

He says he has not lost a single race on Norwegian soil this year

– I thought it would be furious today, the level is very high here. I managed to leave it ", said the 21-year-old, who moved from the evil c oncurrent a few kilometers from goal.

Much money

The two winners of the race ended with a cash prize of 50,000.

– If that matters? Yes, if that is the case, Aarvik answers and adds:

– 50,000 is not really splendor That means incredible quantity. I really appreciate it, but I mean and it's earned. The amounts attract international participation. The level is heavenly.

German victory

In the women's class, Anita Iversen Lilleskare (39) from Bergen Running Club came in second, 34 seconds behind the German winner.

– It was really sour and cold. After about four kilometers there was wind and the temperature dropped to zero degrees. When I reached the finish line, I immediately started chopping teeth, "said Lilleskare, who was a promising player for Sandviken 15 years ago

In 2004 she played at the highest level, but then she became pregnant the following year and The senior career was over, and after having had three children and stepping into the Flaktveit at level four, she decided to start with a less time-consuming sport.

The solution was against-race.

– I wanted some fun, but I got a request from Jan Fjærestad if he could get me out, she says

As said, and after a few years she fights in the north mountain race Nowadays she works for 50 percent and she does sport again in. Wednesday she is 40 years old

– It is a bit surreal, but above all it is amazingly nice that life can take such turns without my plan, that I can run in forest and land while others work, even though it's crazy I feel privileged.

– How long do you spend?

– I take one year at a time, but I am super motivated. I want to get better, says Lilleskare, who was rewarded with 17,000 crowns for second place.

It was not only Skåla Opp who got to know the storm. Three kilometers away Jakob Ingebrigtsen walked 1,500 meters NM gold in Byrkjelo. "I have never participated in such dramatic circumstances before", he said to VG.

A total of 1057 participants completed the race race. View all results here.

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