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In 2005 the breeding program for mountain ridge in Norway was established. The program includes the launch of reindeer puppies from a breeding ground in Oppdal, support of linings and withdrawal of red reefs in selected areas. The program is unique in Norwegian nature management and it is mainly the launch of mountain riffs that have produced the good results.

– A big motor is the presence of smokers, as well as other measures such as launching puppies and supporting the lining. But the goal is to let go of conservation measures and that the mountain goat will manage itself ", says section leader Kjartan Knutsen of the Norwegian nature conservation authority.

– Still critically threatened

Ola Elvestuen

State Council Ola Elvestuen is pleased with the rise of the mountains in Norway.

Photo: Rune Nordgård Andreassen / NRK

"It is incredibly exciting to follow the development of mountain cliffs, the negative trend is absolutely reversed and in good years we now have new records to celebrate", says climate and environment minister Ola Elvestuen (V).

Even after the breeding program has started, there have been some good years in the stock. In 2009 there was no registered breeding and in 2012 there was one registered youth on a national basis.

"Driving through the mountains is still critically endangered with the Norwegian red list of species and is still at the limit of extinction, so it is important that we continue the intensive efforts to ensure the survival of mountain rivers in Norway, "says Elvestuen.

Cooperation with Sweden

Cooperation with the Swedish authorities has also intensified in recent years. In the autumn of 2015, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in Norway and the Ministry of Environment and Energy signed a letter of intent on the management of Scandinavian shares.

"Good bilateral cooperation in the conservation of endangered species across borders is an important key to success, and we share responsibility for mountainous and other species that live and migrate across the border between Norway and Sweden," says Elvestuen.

Up to now, 2014 was the top year for the number of documented nests with mountain riders. Then 50 litters were registered.

polar fox

Fjellrev by Hestkjølen in the municipality of Lierne in Trøndelag.

Photo: Environmental Directorate

Have died out

The number of registered mountain riffs tells us that the former is considerably more litter than this year is born, but then we must be 100 years back in time. Around 1900, the number of mountain rivers in Norway fell dramatically, as a result of the hunt. In 1930 it was protected without the strain rising. From Trøndelag and the south, the species was extinct from the mid-nineties.

Where there are lots of lemes and smokers, mountainous big nests get between eight and 16 puppies. Likewise, they get little or no litter if access to this food source is bad. This year most nests are registered between Snøhetta in Trøndelag and Saltfjellet in Nordland. In these areas, observations of the limbs and smugglers have also been reported during the spring and summer.

Worst north

There is more cause for concern to the north of Saltfjellet. Last winter, the Norwegian environmental director issued the first trip to the Varanger peninsula. The 29 puppies must help to get livelihood in the area without results so far.

Although many and large mountain rivers are born in good years and small years, many of the puppies die before they reach a new era. That is why it takes a long time to increase the number of adult animals in the stock, "emphasizes the management of the environment.

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