New summer days next week more places in the country

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Both in the north and in the south there is sun and heat next week, some places can reach 20 degrees. The exception is Western Norway, which ends in August in wet and cold style.

The weather we have now is very typical for the end of August. We are approaching autumn, but at the same time we have days when the temperature is 20 degrees. I'll call it normal, says State Meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss at Meteorological Institute.

It's about enjoying the weather for those who get sun and warmth, because we can also experience the first snowfall in the mountains and freeze nets.

"It is also very normal," said the meteorologist.

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Snow on the tops

Especially in the north of Norway, there are already opportunities for snow on the mountain tops this weekend. The mountain tops, and not the mountain crosses, emphasize Gislefoss. Then the sun comes back, and large parts of Northern Norway get sun from Tuesday and temperatures to 15 degrees.

Western Norway unfortunately can not taste late summer. Here it becomes gray and humidifies the month and periods of wind.

This also partly applies to Møre og Romsdal, while Trøndelag receives a small review with summer on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The days with the best weather can go up to 20 degrees. Perhaps. It seems that Trøndelag is hotter than Møre og Romsdal, "says Kristian Gislefoss.

Warm in the south

In the south and east of Norway it is sunny and beautiful, first Saturday and again early next week.

– Summer temperatures are a few days at 20 degrees. As we approach the end of the month, new low pressure activity is under way. It will therefore be a bit more uncertain next Wednesday and then, "he says, adding that clear weather can also cause night frost in some places.

"The mountain is good, but if you live in the lowlands of South and East Norway, I would not really worry about my flowers.

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