News item 20 August – Folkebladet



Bardufoss: The police report reports just before midnight that a fire has occurred in a container on the square. Police and firefighters moved to the place and the fire was turned off. The fire cause is currently unknown, police say.



Quiet and peaceful night in Nordland, writing from the police in Nordland on Twitter.


Fauske: Emergency data were reported on an E6 disk north of Fauske. The driver, who was alone in the car, was taken to a hospital for further investigation. The person, born in 1938, is informed and the driver's license is confiscated. Suspected that he may have fallen asleep. It reports the police on Twitter.


The government has a proposal for consultation on the removal of the right of students to special education. "It becomes a betrayal", says the FFO (Disabled Farming & # 39; s Organization). Read more here.


Five children are seriously injured after the fire broke out in an apartment near Paris, announcing the French fire brigade. Another two people are seriously injured. Read more.

At least five people died after the island of Lombok in Indonesia was hit by various earthquakes on Sunday. The strongest had a strength of 6.9. Read more here.

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