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Last night it burned in Fjord1 ferry MF Eid, which has been leased to the company The Fjords for tourism in the Lysefjord. The 54 passengers on board had to evacuate as a result of the bending. The engine gets hot on board the forty-year-old ferry, which this summer more gongar is out of order and also had a problem with an early audience.

– There are rather smaller episodes, but we have no reason to threaten It is related to the episode last night, says Operations Director in Fjord, André Høyset.

– Korleis can tell if they do not know what the cause is?

– We know a bit about what, like the observations on board the ship. However, it is too early to decide, he says.


The highlights indicate that all ferries to Fjord1 are undergoing a fixed maintenance program.

– The ferries are also certified in accordance with the legal requirements of this type

Do you understand that people who have encountered technical problems with ferry can be unclear at an early stage?

– Even if someone has maintenance, things can happen. Our main task is good maintenance and the occurrence of events. If you drop a timeline forty years back in time, you can certainly find situations. But this is a very special situation, of which I have no experience that Eid was away early.

It is Fjords, who charter a ferry for tourist traffic on Lysefjorden. Per Svanes in the Meiner ferry is safe.

– If you were on board you would have thought it well maintained, Svanes wins, because Miner MF Eid is just as safe as other ferries and shows that it is certified.

  Tourist ferry Eid in Lysefjorden

STAY IN THE FIRE: It was burned on Friday evening in MF Eid, driving on tourist traffic on Lysefjorden. 54 people were evacuated.

Photo: Rebekka Andreassen

The crew is praised

The operations director of the fjord company Fjord1 has followed the fire in cooperation with Naudetatane and the municipality of Forsand, who have received passenger passengers. The crew will also be followed up with its own procedures. After the fire Dei received praise for the way they dealt with the situation.

– The crew did a great job when the situation first took place, says Høyset.

On Monday Fjord 1 starts investigations to find a cause for the fire.

– Will M / V Eid see traffic again?

– It is too early to see. No, let's find out what happened. We know that our smoke development is from the engine room and the chimney. No, we have to map what has happened and then draw the conclusion.

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