NOTE: – Bad DAB coverage is a myth

The National Communications Authority reverses the claims of poor DAB coverage.

"The fact that DAB reporting in tunnels is bad is a myth, and measurements show that the DAB coverage is good.

That is what Elisabeth Aarsæther, director of the National Communications Authority (NKOM), said at the Tuesday conference on radio digitization in Norway.

It was Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande (V) who invited and led the conference. Among others NRK, P4, Bauer Media, Norsk Lokalradioforbund and participated.

– Do not worry about the coverage. On the other hand, the signals that may be due to a bad sound, Aarsæther said.

Weak signals can be due to a faulty installation.

Enjoyed almost debate

In the past, the Norwegian Truckers Association expressed its concern about what they think is lacking in tunnels.

The Minister of Culture was satisfied after the conference.

"Outside it seems that the conflict was about DAB, but it is about the ability to build business models, Skei Grande concludes with ABC News.

Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande (V) during the debate. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

– Is the Norwegian radio in a serious situation?

"No, such a technological change is always demanding." The introduction of DAB has drastically changed our range of radio.

Sometimes the debate was almost during the conference. It seems that Skei Grande is positive.

"I think it's good for people to broadcast in plenary, which is probably good for the debate.

The temperature rose enormously when Mari Velsand, director of the Media Authority, began to say that the local radio station of Radio Metro – without mentioning the name of the channel – apparently violates the license by sending the FM network.

"Let's face it, that's what we're talking about." Radio Metro apparently is breaking the license. I hope they go deeper into this issue, "said Hilde Apneseth, director of sales and marketing of Radio Metro.

Apneseth was quickly interrupted by the Minister of Culture.

"We will not sit down at this meeting and manage the license rules! We do not process things here The supervisory authority in the media has a supervisory authority If I mix with it, hell is loose It is not appropriate to to address this meeting.

– The digitization has not gone so fast

Broadcaster Thor Gjermund Eriksen says that he thought that the situation for Norwegian radio is currently "reasonably good".

"Digitization has not been so fast in all parts of the country, for example, Oslo has been slow, because the radio market is a bit different, we have to remember what the first requirement was for digitization, that is to say that the whole country has a better radio program. It has helped NRK, P4 and Bauer Media and I have gained even more understanding of the hundreds of local and nichebands, we also have to keep in mind, he says to ABC Nyheter.

The Minister of Culture today invited for a roundtable conference on digital radio. Broadcaster Thor Gjermund Eriksen, media director Marius Lillelien, was one of the participants. Photo: Tobias Fredø / Kampanje

"I have criticized many of the debates

In 2017, the FM network was gradually switched off for the national radio channel, NRK, P4 and Radio Norway.

Some commercial local radio stations also had to terminate their broadcasts on the FM network.

The closure, which was adopted by the Storting in 2011, has led to major debates in Norway and has occasionally been strongly criticized.

"I have criticized many of the debates on DAB in the Deposit," said Skei Grande initially during the conference.

Center party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum has said that he will ask the Deposit to look at the costs of switching on the FM network again.

"We will not survive without FM

"The decline of the listeners started before the digitization in 2016, but the decline has been strengthened," Knut Arne Futsæter of Kantar Media said during the Tuesday conference.

This summer, radio broadcasts were probably the lowest since World War II, according to Futsæter, who pointed to holidays, good weather, football world championships and less radio ?? s than previously as factors for the listeners.

Local Radio Association pointed out that they were dependent on FM broadcasts for continued existence.

We do not survive without FM, said chairman of Norsk Lokalradioforbund, Aslak Skretting.

Kenneth Andresen, head of the P4 Group, acknowledges that digitization could have gone better than was the case until now.

"Digitization has not gone as it should, it is threatening the economy, we need a solid income base, Andresen said.

"This can not last anymore, he added.

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