NRK: Anchor probable custody trial after murder in Lier

"I believe that the conditions for custody are not present and that it is enough to protect society to condemn him for a time-bound prison sentence," his defender, lawyer Marius Ihlebæk, told NRK.

In September last year, the man struck a 17-year-old girl 17 times at the St. Hallvard High School in Lier in his upper body and face.

On Thursday he was sentenced to nine years in prison in the district court of Drammen. Then the girl's father told NRK that if the verdict was challenged, this meant that the 20-year-old did not understand what he had done.

"I have not spoken to my client yet, but what she has been most worried about is not the claim of rebellion, but the verdict against the convicted person, what bothered her most was whether he should not be detained said the attorney general of the girl, Harald Stabell, to NTB.

Stabell initially claimed $ 250,000 in rebels, and was surprised and delighted that the district district of Drammen has raised the amount to 300,000.

The prosecutor called for nine years in custody for overthrown attempts at murder, while Ihlebæk asked for conviction for serious physical damage.

The legal psychiatric experts believe that the man has both a narcissistic and psychosocial personality disorder and no empathy. They have considered that he is at high risk of committing new acts of violence outside the prison.

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