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"It's sad when sponsors say that" it's only time to engage in good discussions ", and asks the fathers to take barriers to absorb the competition instinct" because you can win a big drink bottle. Everything is about filling.

Even the 21-year-old Wivi Amundsen got her first meeting with the concept of Fadder Week when she started the NTNU research two years ago.

"I participated in the beginning, but I just loved it, Fadderuka is like a Russian era, says Amundsen.

This year she started her first year at a new university at the same university, and again she became acquainted with what she calls a two-week full-party party. She answers that the fathers encourage alcohol competitions, drink toys and "drive even faster than yesterday".

But now she dares to drop Fadderuka.

"It is about time that someone is controversial and has it high, so we get a chance," says Amundsen.

The foster child does not mention it

Fadderuker is organized at universities and colleges across the country at the beginning of the autumn semester, preferably under the auspices of the various liner shipping clubs and faculties. The point is that the events must be unifying.

Political student Amundsen believes that the period can contribute to the opposite: more loneliness and more externalism.

& # 39; If you are not a party person, you fall off. Many fear to be lonely because they do not dare to participate in drinking toys and the like. In the worst case they will eventually only feel at school and maybe lose lectures because they have gone outside.

According to Amundsen, she heard students talk about alcohol that destroys fadderuka.

"People also write about this in Jodel (social media where people write anonymously, red.anm.) It is sad that people go to an anonymous platform to express themselves", says Amundsen.

She first chose to get the magazine out of her mouth in a reading post in the newspaper Address.

"We take a lot of distance from filling

First-year student of Energy and Environmental Studies, Stian Jørgensen, connects Fadderuka with two things: getting to know the people in your class and strengthening your society.

Stian Jørgensen, NTNU student

Stian Jørgensen, student of energy and the environment, believes that fadderuka strengthens the association between students.

Photo: Lars Erik Skjærseth / NRK

"In my line they are careful that there is no drinking pressure.There are many editions compared to other rules, explains Jørgensen.

And so it is also for fadderuka Quak, we will believe Jannicke Due. Quak arranges fadderuka for students on different courses and six out of ten events should be without alcohol. The goal is to create relationships for the rest of the research period ", says Due, who is PR and Communication Director:

"We add up to non-alcoholic days and people choose whether they want to drink or not.In reality there is of course a party and affection, but in Quak we take a lot of distance from drink pressure and filling.

Due has heard of a number of liner shipping associations which, in her opinion, pay too much attention to alcohol, but emphasizes that this is not the case everywhere.

"I want to say that some people have a wrong view of Fadderuka, but that is not the case with us, it can be filled, but only as far as it is safe and people feel at ease.

Jannicke Due, PR and Communications Manager at Quak

Six of the ten events under Fadderuka Quak are non-alcoholic, according to Jannicke Due, PR and Communication Officer.

Photo: Lars Erik Skjærseth / NRK

Amundsen & # 39; s proposal for a more inclusive fader week

After Wivi Amundsen chose to talk aloud about her thoughts about fadderuka, she got a mixed answer. Most of the good feedback comes from adults, she says:

"It's scary to express yourself about this because many do not agree with me, but I was not able to shut up and have to take what comes from negative reactions.

Amundsen does not want to give up fadderuka, but has a clear desire to change:

"I wish Fadderuka could consist of mountain tours, tapas, movie nights and other things where the alcohol does not have to be focused every time, but only by removing the words" spring "and" party "with" social gathering "or "meeting tonight" we can take away the drink pressure, it is not good that people "hide" themselves that they do not drink, the culture can be changed in a few simple steps.

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