Oslo man lamb after the festival sought violence in Stavern – 25-year-old

The violence took place outside the festival night until Saturday 14 July. The man from Oslo walked past Old Stavernsvei when he answered that a car was driving in the street at great speed, where several festival participants were going.

According to Østlands Posten, the man explained to the police that he thinks in the trunk of the car, whereupon the driver went out and hit the man several times and knelt him at least once while he was kneeling.

The 25-year-old drove piracy taxi and is charged with violence. However, he remained hidden from the police who searched for him on a large scale, but without result. The police have, among other things, had contact with more people in the human environment, but have not yet been helped to find him.

"It is three weeks since we sent Larvik a 25-year-old man for violence," says Krimschef Knut Vidar Vittersø at Larvik police station at NRK.

"He has apparently avoided arrest and is no longer at his address", says Vittersø.

The 29-year-old was taken to Ullevål hospital in Oslo before she was transferred to rehabilitation after lambing in large parts of the body. Vittersø informs the East Norway Post that his state of health has improved somewhat, with some resilience in an arm and a leg.

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