Otters found a stool around the stomach

Around the stomach the tape was a snus with a pistol in it.

– Tragically, there are such people with so little empathy for an animal, writes Dierenbescherming Norway in Harstad on its Facebook page.

It was NRK who first mentioned the case. According to NRK there was a battery or cartridge, wires and powders that could be crushed in the snuff box.

"We were not sure if it was an otter, but I see that VG has spoken to an expert who confirmed that this is the case, that the light in the coat has been left out over time, it is a young otter and it is dark in the stomach on the stomach, which is not exposed to daylight, "says Rita Øien at the Animal Protection in Harstad.

It was she who went to the place and took the otter. The eye can not indicate how long it may have been outside Kvæfjordmarka.

"It is barely more than a few months since it was not in despair.

She wonders what kind of people do something like that.

– What else can people find when they think this is so polite? This is not funny, even if there had been a dead otter exposed to it. It is not stretcher as someone thinks.

Rita Øien says that animal protection from time to time receives reports of such grotesque events.

"We have been spared in Harstad, but I know that other departments are receiving such tips, which is not uncommon, unfortunately.

During the day she will make sure that the otter is examined with the aim of finding out where he died.

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