Park-raising cause of knife stable in Valevåg

Illustration photo: the police

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The police questioned both the woman and the man involved in the knife strike in Valevåg in Sveio on Friday evening.

It was on the 23rd Friday evening that the police were called by a man in his forties telling him that he had stabbed a woman in a private house in Valevåg.

Women, who were also in the 40s, were transferred to Stord Hospital, where they were operated on for life-threatening injuries. However, the police have been able to distance themselves from both women and men during Laurendagen.

"There has been an argument that led to a situation in which he knelt down a woman in the stomach area, with a lawyer in the Southwestern police district, Per Terje Brundtland.

The police picture the time after the shock on Friday as dramatic.

"It was a serious and critical situation on Friday, but luckily this is going well, which could easily be achieved even more seriously.

Explained the same

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There was no witness of misconduct, but the police only try to explain both voices and that the difor has an overview of what has happened.

"Leaving a woman did not last long, because the goal was clearly the character of the operation, but the statement only focuses on the insult it has expressed, says Brundtland.

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– What relationship is there between the two?

– The relationship is that they have a relationship, but that they are not married or live together.

Contact and visit

Brundtland says that the man who aims for gross physical injury, no released the prison after he was arrested Friday night.

He will not be offered for the custody of prisoners. The reason for this is that I know that I have enough information that there is no risk of loss of evidence. But he gets an offer for contact and visit.

– Will they continue to prosecute Korleis?

"No, it will be investigated further so that I can map out more details and give us a complete picture of what has happened and what has happened.

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