Parties and intoxication marked the night in Nordland

The police in Vesterålen, according to the police logo, had a nice night at work. Only post from the local police from the police log of the night is a departure from the city center. Otherwise, festivals in Nordland have marked the night.

This is the overview:

Last night there was a drunken man in the filet rally in Leknes after he had accumulated a lot of words.

In Fauske around midnight a man was sent to playful facts after he had been put down in a nightmare.

Back in Leknes, a man was banned from a police station in the early 1920s. This happened just after midnight.

In Fauske, a private party was stopped just after 1 am & # 39; night. The neighbors complained about the party sound and the owner of the apartment had to keep the rest of the night.

In Mosjøen around 1 hour a man was put out of a hotel because of drunkenness. The man had also acted obscene to other guests and employees.

Around 2 o'clock a man was arrested by the police after receiving a tip about driving. And yes, the man was not sober. The man is made for blood tests and the driving license is confiscated. The case is now being reported.

At Sortland, a young person was expelled from a place in the early 1920s. He had to stay away from the city center until 8:00 on Sunday morning.

In Mosjøen, a man in the fifties was informed about basal urination at public places around three o'clock in the night. The man was exiled from the city center when he was ready to pretend the water.

In Mo i Rana someone was arrested after breaking into a house. The man in the 1920s is informed about this relationship and about the use of drugs and threats for the police.

In Bjerkvik a private party was ended by the police after it had been overtaken.

In Narvik himself, a man was banned from the city center in the 1930s. In real MeToo style he left behind women who did not want to be postponed. Thus he was banished and asked to keep his fingers to himself and to keep his body awake from the center for the rest of the night.

Back in Mo i Rana, around four o'clock in the night, someone was in the mass murder. The person in the early 20's, according to the police, was unable to take care of himself.

A young person was put on a moped in Mosjøen. It turned out that he was driving without driving license at night. The person was informed and the same became the owner of the mopeden. Both people were born in 2001.

In Leknes, three people were informed of a condition after an event around 4 pm. The men at the end of the teenage years were in a fight and were thus informed.

Around the clock at five o'clock in the evening at Bodø, a man from the 1920s was expelled from the city center due to a malfunction.

Around 6 o'clock this morning the police have finished a new party. This time in Mosjøen. The owner was asked to settle.

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