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It was in the newspaper Our Country that the young leftist Sondre Hansmark took the floor to extend the limit of today for the abortion of twelve to twenty-four weeks.

Hansmark Tek focuses on abolishing the abortion issue at the Venstre national meeting in the spring of 2019, and claims that he poses a major threat to support in the organization.

So far he has been largely criticized for the execution and no, his own partifells are also hard against his leader.

"Wild wild free abortion is allowed on viable fetuses, the proposal is exaggerated and too extreme, I am convinced that the June June Youth Assembly will be very resilient, the August Simonsen victory, which is the leader of the youth left in Bergen.

IS EXTENDED: Young left-handed Sondre Hansmark will expand the border for the abortion in question.

– Wrong match

The leader of Hordaland Youth Left, home of Hansmark, is also crucial for the game.

For the NRK, Agnes Hoshovde Bernes claims that Hansmark is in a wrong battle and that they also have to work for the party that everyone has attached.

"We should work to remove the students, move the border to the abortion until week 18, and fight for the right of women to legal abortion in other parts of the world," said the provincial leader.

Ho adds that it should not be a liberal goal to have the longest period for the abortion itself. Both Simonsen and Bernes indicate that children can survive a preterm birth early in week 22 or 23.

– Then it is just too late to allow abortion. A border must go well before Simons wins.

August Simonsen, head of Bergen Youth Left

– EXTREME: Meiner leads through Bergen Youth Left, August Simonsen.

Photo: Press Photo / Young Left

I would like to welcome the criticism

Nestleiar Kjell Ingolf Ropstad in KrF told NRK yesterday that he makes the game of Hansmark in Young Left jealous.

– Here all ethical reflections glow and a mechanical limit is seen.

The young leftist leader refers to countries such as the UK and the Netherlands, which have abortion limits at the highest level of week 24 and weeks 21. He indicates that most abortions have been completed early and the results will be the same, even if the limits are extended .

For the NRK victory on Sunday, Sondre Hansmark says he wants the criticism of welcoming partifellane.

"I'm not sure, I'm going to get a grip on this, but I think it's good to talk about when to set the absolute limit.

His proposal will be held on the Youth Left 26-28. October.

"I think Hansmark has become hard and maybe longer than his own Meiner, to start a debate," Simonsen wins in Bergen Young Left.

"It is not good that I take over more than my own will, I support my proposal and look forward to an interesting debate at the country meeting," concludes Hansmark.

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