Passengers found the taxi driver in Trondheim and drove away

The police were warned by a passerby at 4.25 am.

They went on the spot with police patrol, but failed to find the perpetrators. It confirms operations manager Randi Fagerholt in the police district of Trøndelag to NTB an hour later.

"We do not know what the reason was, we're investigating, but the taxi driver got a slap against him, so he went on the road," she says.

The incident took place in Moholt outside the center of Trondheim, and there is no high speed on the ground. The driver has not suffered any damage after the run-out, but has less damage after the strokes in the face and bleeds, for example, from the lip.

The police have completed the search for perpetrators, but are still working on information about what happened and writing an assessment, they report on Twitter.

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