People are divided in view of day school and homework

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While 42 percent of respondents believe that homework should be discontinued and full-time school is introduced, just as many think the schedule and order of today's homework should be continued.

It shows an investigation that Ipsos has done for Dagbladet. In total there are as many people who want a day care school with homelessness as it is that the lesson schedule should be continued like today in primary school. About 16 percent say they are uncertain about what they think about the issue themselves.

In the 30-39 age group, which is expected to have the largest number of parents with primary and primary school age now or in the coming years, the majority for homeless and full-time schools is 51 percent.

The question of what is best is also to announce politicians and professional expertise. In Norway SV has completed her full-time school in her program and will go to school without school until autumn.

School researcher Thomas Nordahl says to Dagbladet that there is still little research on the effects of homework and a full day school. He believes that the reading system must pass but must be improved. He points out that homework needs factors to make them work: they must not last too long, there must be homework in what the student has already experienced, and it is likely that the student will do it alone.

It is not clear from the article in the newspaper how big the sample is in the survey or when it was done.

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