Per-Willy Amundsen in the throat of the newspaper Tromsø on Facebook

"I do not want to spend time on immigration-naive media that do not have ethical pressure and behave unreliable, irresponsible and obscene, so I do not have to talk to the iTromsø newspaper before the editor clears up, the job of the former attorney begins. -general of the Progress Party (FRP).

The outbreak comes weeks after iTromsø concluded that the eight-month editors have tried to let Amundsen speak in different cases, but he has failed to talk to them. Even on requests for a conscious boycott on his part, he refuses to speak directly with the newspaper, but expresses himself via Frp. It is said that it is not a boycott, but now Amundsen takes out the magazine and explains why he is not interested in commenting on the paper.

Does not matter

– For many years as a politician I have never experienced such an unusual newspaper as iTromsø and I have spoken to most media. That is what I am saying now. Your journalists may want to be "shocked" far into Akersgata on my part. I do not care. But if you want to learn something about why MSM [main stream mediene red anm.] to lose reputation and credibility: look at iTromsø, writes Amundsen and brings examples of cases in which he thinks the newspaper should take self-criticism because of a lack of ethical review by the press.

News editor in iTromsø Trond Haakensen tells Media24 that he thinks that Amundsen detects the debate with arguments about a lack of press ethics.

– This is about whether a politician wants to respond to the press, not about our ethical reviews by the press. I think it's special to boycott a whole news organization because he does not like what we've written before, "says Haakensen.

Not a fan of journalists

Regarding accusations of a lack of ethical review by the press, Haakensen points out that iTromsø has not been convicted in the Press Academic Committee (PFU) for several years and that if Amundsen considers something about him, he has the option to submit it to PFU. report.

Amundsen's posts however have the impression that he also has a small horn in the side for more than the editorial staff in the newspaper Tromsø.

– Self-centered and self-evident as the mainstream media (MSM), they take the right big words when they complain about who is not talking to them. It all seems a little involuntary strip of these wrong journalists, he writes.

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