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The northern man who committed child abuse in Gambia was banned on Monday, according to the judicial department of the country.

When the man was arrested in Gambia, the former convicted man was accused of sexual assault in Norway.

Now the Oslo police confirm to the NRK that they wanted the man who was delivered last year in May.

"We asked the man who was delivered last year and he is being looked for internationally.The man is accused of sexual abuse against a child under the age of 10," said police inspector Tina Helleland at NRK.

I do not know if he's coming

The authorities in Gambia announced on Monday that the man would be transferred to the Norwegian authorities.

Helleland told NRK that the police knew nothing about the pardon until they read about it in the media.

The police inspector does not want to comment on the request of the police for extradition, which led to the man who came from the infamous Mile Two Central Prison in the capital Banjul.

The police have not yet confirmed the information from Gambia votes.

– We tried to verify the information via Interpol, but have not yet received any feedback. It is still unknown if and when he comes to Norway, Helleland says to NRK.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs NRK that they are aware that a Norwegian citizen who has served in The Gambia should receive a pardon, but that they do not know that he should be released.

They do not want to say anything about what kind of contact they have had with the authorities in the African country.

The defender of the man, Sigurd Klomsæt, has previously visited the man in prison in Gambia. He told NRK that he became familiar with the news about his client via media and Gambian authorities. Moreover, he does not want to comment on this.

Will resume the investigation

In the autumn of 2010 the man was convicted in an attack case in Norway. The man must have picked up a boy at a young age. In November of the same year he traveled to Gambia.

If the 52-year-old is now transferred to Norway, the police will be ready.

– If the man is handed over to Norway, we want to interrogate him and complete the investigation of the case. It will be considered whether it will be manufactured for detention of prisoners.

The man runs 21 years in prison if he is convicted.

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