Professor calls the eldebølgen a bluff


Economist Sindre Farstad quotes the elders, with reference to the fact that the share of workers will not decrease in the future if there are fewer children and fresher elderly people.

The idea of ​​the fire wave is derived from prognoses showing that there are currently 2.7 working people to support each retiree, while there will only be 1.6 people doing the same work in 2060, according to the class struggle. It can go beyond prosperity.

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– Exaggeration

In a recent article in the magazine Fagbladet samfund & økonomi, advisor adviser Sindre Farstad in the Association of Pensioners that this is a violent exaggeration. He assumes that the working age will increase in line with the expected increase in life expectancy. Then there will be fewer people working in the future compared to the rest of the population.

"It often creates a specter by showing that there will be many more elderly people in the future, but you can expect that a 65-year-old in 2060 is now more average than a 65-year-old, Farrich emphasizes.

He is supported by Professor Bjarne Jensen of the University College in the Netherlands, who was the editor of the publication of the magazine where the article was printed.

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Blows the term

Jensen calls the execution of the elderly a bluff.

"I think this is a construction designed to scare people into solutions that they would not otherwise agree with, he says about the term" fire wave. "(AFP)

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