Rana Leaf – Traffic accident in Korgfjell tunnels

It is the police district of Nordland that reported on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon around 1530 that a traffic accident occurred on the south side of the Korgfjell tunnel.

The emergency services are on their way to the site.

UPDATED: shortly after the first message the police announce that it is talking on the north side of the tunnel, not on the south side.

It is a passenger car and a trailer involved in the accident.

UPDATED: The last of the police is that a total of three people are involved in the accident. A person must sit in the passenger car, but is awake.

UPDATED: NRK traffic indicates that road users must count on queue and waiting time on the site. The tunnel is closed in connection with the accident.

UPDATED: In 1548, the police reported that all those involved were out of the cars. Health workers are on site and take care of the injured. The amount of injury is currently unknown, but all three must be awakened.

We update the case.

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