RAS , ACCIDENTS – Man to hospital after a snowmobile in Troms

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A 70-year-old man fled to the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) in an air ambulance after he was taken by a snowmobile at the Bentsfjord tip in Troms.

The press service of UNN informs NRK at 8 pm on Saturday evening that the man has been seriously injured, but that his condition is stable and that he is out of danger.

The police were informed of the shooting incident at 4.33 pm on Saturday afternoon.

"It was the culprit who himself reported that he was put to death and partially buried, he got stuck and did not get lost, said operations manager Roy Tore Meyer in the police district of Troms at NTB.

The man was eventually placed by ambulance helicopter and later dug out and flown to UNN.

The slope went from the tip of the Bentsfjord to a valley northeast of the 1100 meter high mountain. The man in the 70s was probably on tour in the area when the flight went.

There is no reported danger of landslides in the area, but lately a lot of snow has accumulated in Troms over the peaks, "Meyer explains, according to HRS Nord-Norge, the operation at Bentsfjordtinden was the first cut-off action this season.

– Remember that there may also be a danger in the early season. Be wise, be careful, they write on Twitter.

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