Raymond Johansen has confidence in Thorkildsen

– This is a very serious matter and a very demanding thing. The fact that there has been a warning against a sitting city council is unprofitable land management, says city council leader Raymond Johansen (Ap).

On Tuesday, he made a decision about how to deal with the serious notice against school council No Marte Thorkildsen (SV).

"The obvious assessment is that I take over the handling of these warnings myself," says Johansen, referring to the principles for dealing with warning cases.

"I am the superior Inga Marte Thorkildsen and warnings must always be handled by the supervisor The internal audit in the municipality is responsible for gathering information, with legal assistance from the personnel department, and the municipal lawyer goes into the allegations that inserted in the disclosure for breach of confidentiality, the law on public procurement and the procurement rules, he says.

Friday 7 September was sent a notification against the Municipality of Thorkildsen to Oslo, which contained serious claims about the way it behaved, and a number of breaches of various laws.

Comment: "The school agency can certainly be a troll, but that does not mean that the notification against her is not a drittpak" (Lars West Johnsen)

– Take three aside

The council member's decision is supported by the largest opposition party in the Oslo City Council, on the right. However, the party group leader Eirik Lae Solberg has some objections.

"It is a good thing that the municipal councilor has finally come to the field and has decided that he will handle the report himself.It creates at least a basis for a good treatment that he is the head of Thorkildsen who will close the case.

In fact, the Municipality of Oslo has a warning sign, consisting of a number of department managers who handle warning cases. However, they are subject to politically-elected municipal councils – making it impossible for them to process the warning.

However, Solberg is aware that Johansen should put Thorkildsen on the sidelines while the notification is being processed.

– That is because the school agency, after the announcement became known, attacked the broadcast agency and thus tried to undermine the credibility of the report.

He strives for statements from Thorkildsen about a difficult cooperation with the Education Authorityand that the office opposes political leadership.

– It does not matter the necessary confidence for treatment, he says.

– How?

"It does not make sense that the agency is informed if it can continue in the post and from there tries to undermine the credibility of the report, while her boss is going to process it." By her behavior she helped the level of conflicts to raise, contrary to the guidelines of the municipality of Oslo, "Solberg says.

"It can go further than the important work that the Oslo school does.

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– I have the responsibility

Questions about Thorkildsen can be like a blackboard while the research is underway, Johansen answers:

– Of course. Inga Marte Thorkildsen has my complete confidence. And I expect that, like the Education Board, it will do the job that is needed while this work is in progress.

– What do you think an underlying agency has reported to a politically elected leader?

"I do not think that we have seen this before and that it is too demanding too, there are anonymous reports, we also have to take anonymous reports seriously, and the Municipality of Oslo has a lot of experience with the central advisory board, which my local director usually checks. And it is always the case that a parent is in charge, we now follow the same principle, and it is that it is superior to the one who has been informed – and I am the superior of Mr. Martin Thorkildsen. management of these reports and I need to retrieve this information.

– You are her leader and you have chosen her to take part in the city council that leads you. That you have to deal with and complete the case – do you think that this treatment will be trusted in the city council?

"Then the city council has one task and it is to consider whether they trust me or not.The city council has the complete possibility to ask suspicious questions.

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This is the case

* September 11, Aftenposten reported that leaders in the Education Board in Oslo have sent a message with serious allegations against school board Inga Marte Thorkildsen.

* The notification has already been leaked to Aftenposten on Friday 7 September.

* The warnings describe the behavior of Thorkildsen towards employees as "offensive, intimidating, hostile, humiliating and humiliating". She is also charged with a series of violations.

* There is also a trial in the municipality that can lead to many years of school director Astrid Søgnen losing his job.

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