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On Monday, the prime minister must meet again for consultation in the Storting control committee. Again, the theme of police and military security is the protection of important objects and critical infrastructure.

The background is the report of the Auditor General before the summer. It concluded that the hedge has not improved sufficiently since 2015 and, moreover, does not comply with the Security Act.

WILL HAVE ANSWER: The Green Party The Grønne Une Bastholm is concerned about the readiness of Norway.
Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix
WANT TO SEE ANSWER: The green party De Grønne Une Bastholm is worried about the readiness of Norway.
Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix
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"This shows that the government does not take social security seriously," says The Green Party, one of Greenland's national spokeswoman Une Aina Bastholm, with Dagbladet.

In a written question for the hearing, Solberg asks Solberg to answer the following questions: "Is it likely that the police and the armed forces today will be able to offer sufficient protection to important objects when a threat poses this?"

The Prime Minister's answer is not yet available. The members of the government have six working days to answer such questions.


The report states that the armed forces have only mapped the state of 25 percent of the sheltered objects. These are infrastructures that provide critical functions for society.

The land insurance will only take effect 20-25-10 years after the deadline set by the Deposit. Nevertheless, according to the OAG, there are few compensatory measures.

– We think this is already a very serious matter. It will surprise me if the deposit is not clearly criticized, "says Bastholm.

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She is concerned that the lack of publicity about the case is the reason why security work has not been given priority.

"There is no one who believes that Erna Solberg does not want citizens to be safe, but the political dynamics are such that it is easy to give priority to what is most visible and gets the most publicity if it is not followed. here is revealed, is very serious in the beginning when something happens that will not happen, she continues.

May have consequences

– One comes in to read the report, the summer is brown and fine, and comes out foolishly. Personally, I am pretty shy of what appears, says the SV representative in the control committee, Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes.

On Saturday Dagbladet wrote that information appears in the sorted documents, as different parties interpret as saying that they did not get the full truth during the hearing in the Storting in 2017. If this turns out to be voted, then it will be serious for the government.

Riksrevisor Per Kristan Foss himself stated last week that the criticism not only has to do with the lack of security of the armed forces and police buildings.

– If our report also includes civil installations, such as power supplies, water and data centers, the answer is yes, Foss told NTB.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken already announced during the debate on the party debate in Arendal that the case could end with a proposal for a suspicion.

– Erna Solberg and Siv Jensen have a provocative appearance in this case. They are completely devoid of humility. They have a tone that makes me think they are not taking the report from the EAG seriously, "he says.

Will check Ernas explanation

YOU SHOULD HAVE AN ANSWER: chairman of the Inspection and Constitution of the Storting, Dag Terje Andersen (AP), Hans Fredrik Grøvan (KrF) and Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes (SV).
WANT TO SEE ANSWER: Chairman of the Inspection and Constitution of the Storting, Day Terje Andersen (AP), Hans Fredrik Grøvan (KrF) and Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes (SV).
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They were told last week that the Committee on Control and Constitution will check Erna Solberg's statement for the Deposit last year.

She then explained that they reported to the Storting that the object protection was with the police in the port, based on information they had received from the management of the police.

– We want access to a number of documents that are relevant to the consultation. We will deal with the issue in a proper way. One of the reasons we want to discuss it is that we have read parts of the report that are not public, Terje Andersen told DN, who was the first to report on the case.

When asked about this wound, the Prime Minister's statement doubts, Andersen replies that they do not know this before they see the documents.

– Make-up photo

Hans Fredrik Grøvan – member of the KRF member of the audit committee – is very critical of what has emerged.

"I think the report from the OAG shows that the government gave a popular picture last year, and during the last year's hearing it seemed that the situation was better than what we have now documented, both in the open and in the judged report, Grøvan til Dagbladet.

"Several members of the government gave the impression last year that the work was in good progress and the situation was not so seriously described as the OAG now documents," he continues.

– Be clear

"We who participated in the hearing were clear that a lot of work was done before object protection would be in the target," Erna Solberg said in an e-mail to Dagbladet.

She says they are looking for an explanation.

"The government has systematically worked with security and readiness, and much has been done to strengthen social security, and since 2013 the government has increased the subsidies by more than 7 billion to various measures for emergency measures, only in the judiciary. it has been allocated 1.8 billion for police posts and a record-lift in the armed forces has been created with a new long-term plan, and at the same time I recall what we heard clearly during the hearing last year, we are still not in port and this work will take time.

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