Researcher calls the elephant a bluff

  SEE LIGHTS: Freshers, older and fewer children will not let the share of work drop dramatically in the future, according to researcher (Illustrative image).
SEE LIGHTS: fishermen of older and fewer children will not let the share of work decrease dramatically in the future, according to the researcher (Illustrative image). Photo: Jan Haas / NTB scanpix


Økonom Sindre Farstad takes the fire wave. He shows that the share of workers will not fall in the future if it becomes older.


The idea of ​​the fire wave comes from predictions that show that 2.7 are used in turn to support each retiree, while only 1.6 will be in service to do the same job in 2016, according to the class struggle. It can go beyond prosperity.

In a recent article in the magazine Fagbladet Society & Economics advises in the Union of pensioners Sindre Farstad that this a fierce battle is exaggeration. He assumes that the working age will increase in line with the expected increase in life expectancy. According to him, there will be fewer people in the future compared to the rest of the population.

Professor Farstad even goes so far as to call the idea of ​​the fire wave a bluff.

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– It often creates a specter by showing that in the future many more elderly people will to be. But you can expect that a 65-year-old in 2060 is more than a 65-year-old, emphasizes Farstad.

He refers to a Eurostat study which shows that the proportion of expected healthy life years after the age of 65 is. rose from 60 to 73 percent from 2005 to 2015 for Norwegian women and from 73 to 82 percent for men.

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