Responding to ads with basic prices: – They should be ashamed. How desperate are they?

This week thousands of children and adolescents went to school, which is clearly visible in media, shops and advertisements.

Price newspaper & # 39; customer newspaper & # 39; and subsequent ads on several online newspapers, this week had the slogan & # 39; Fill up to school start & # 39; written with chalk on the green board.

Of the advertised promotional offers, minus 30 percent on large chocolate plates from Freia was also displayed on a blackboard.

– This gives the string character of the base price. Hamstring of large chocolate plates has nothing to do with school, says food physiologist Camilla Lind.

  • This is what the web ad looks like:

– should be ashamed

Siri Haaskjold was also not impressed by the prices of the Price Prize.

"This is completely ill, they should be ashamed, how desperate are they?" She asked.

David Solberg also sees that advertising for the retail chain was unfortunate.

– This seems to be a rather bad priority. Bottom Price is thought to encourage the children's box of chocolates, and that is not a good idea, "says Solberg.

– An appeal to children

– Although parents act, prize prizes attract children because they use the word school start. It sends an unfortunate message that you have to wonder as long as you have apologies, "Nutritionist Lind says.

"If advertising needs to be argued with school beginning, it would be much more natural to advertise fruit and vegetables, toppings and other things that are good in childcare boxes," she says.

It's about hamstring

Lind points out that such campaigns encourage consumers to bully large quantities.

"I usually say that there is no unhealthy food, but unhealthy quantities.It is not a problem to occasionally eat a sausage or ice cream, but how often we do that, she explains.

obesity campaign

The nutritionist says she often sees that retail chains have a discount on sweets and candy.

"The problem with such obesity campaigns is that when the consumer sees this, greed takes over and you forget the health aspect," she says, emphasizing that the chains are fully aware of this.

"I had hoped that basic prices could play more and more in line with the Health Directorate in the fight for better public health," she says.

Ad expert: – Absolutely miserable

– This is a complete disk tree. Such as advertising for cola at lunch.

It says professor at Kristiania College, Runar Døving, who conducts research and lectures on marketing and consumer goods.

"The thoughts go directly to chocolate in the food package, which would be a sign of worry fraud, and that's one thing that parents know – and that's the first thing that's discussed at the parent meeting – is whether kids should drink a glass of gravy, a bite to eat or yogurt in the food package, says Dewing.

Base price: – Too bad

Wednesday afternoon, after BT had contacted Base Price, the store chain dropped the advertisement.

  • Social media also responded to the advertisement:

"We at Bottom Prize are absolutely keen on a good and balanced diet, something we experience as confirming the key features of our school launch campaign with a heavy supply of pre-fruit, chicken and chicken chicken toppings," says Anders Moe, category and marketing director in an e-mail.

– We see an unfortunate link with the web ads that link cheap chocolate and school start. We will take note of this and we can confirm that the web ad has already been removed, writes Moe.

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