Rest homes shorten the elderly

Blurry budget ensures that Ullern Healthcare makes a discount on the food budget, such as reserving soft cake at birthday celebrations.

The Ullerud health center in the town of Frogn has seen the food for the elderly cut down, it will be soft cheesecake on round birthdays, the dessert will be replaced by yogurt and fruit and hot lunches will be cut off.

– Cutting hot lunch does not mean elderly people never will have a hot lunch. There is a hot lunch from the central kitchen that is not delivered now. It is possible to make an omelette or soup in the department. Many get it to its residents. I certainly do not take people juice or soda when it is necessary to liquefy them. And they get pastries, just a little less than before, says unit manager Ane Nordskar at Ullerud Health Center at Dagbladet.

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(The case continues under the photo)

Ullern Helsebygg. Photo: Frogn municipality

– Older people should not be chewed for soft cakes

Olaug Bollestad, parliamentary representative of the Christian People's Party, believes that soft cake is a matter of course at birthday celebrations and finds it wrong to lower the food budget for the elderly.

– Softcake is not the most food, but is an important symbolism that tells you something that should be appreciated, appreciated and listened to. Food is more than persistent, it is also nutrition, community, solidarity and culture, "she says.

On 10 September the case will be presented to the municipal council and then the chairman of Frogn, Odd Haktor Slåke. He thinks that the elderly should not be deceived for soft cakes and that politicians agree that this is a shame.

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In 2015, the Consumer Council conducted a survey that showed that the expenditures of Norwegian municipalities differ considerably. In Orkdal they spend 42 crowns for food per inhabitant, and in Kristiansand 167 crowns.

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