Right of Work – New mortgage rates for the first time in more than 25 years

For the first time in 25 years the box will be expanded with bottles and boxes. From Monday, all mortgages and cash registers will be adjusted to 2 crowns on new bottles.

Currently, 86 percent of the bottles and boxes in Norway pay. The goal of raising the price is to get even more empty goods. Infinitum, the company that manages the Norwegian mortgage scheme, has estimated that an increase yields a yield of 90 percent.

The increase means more millions of bottles, less CO2 emissions and less siphoning in nature.

Since the new year there is a transitional arrangement, but from 1 September is the deadline for everyone who has to convert to a new packaging. You get 2 crowns for all bottles, or 3 crowns when the bottle is more than half a liter.

People who deliver bottles that are labeled with the old mortgage still get what they have paid, namely 1 crown and 2.50.

Drink at home

Much of the food nowadays comes from soft drinks and beers that are consumed at home.

– For example, many young people drink energy drinks in the bus and reload or throw the box. We need to find information about the value and the environmental impact, "says Tor Guttulsrud, finance and finance director at the returning company.

Several municipalities have also started with rings and holders on the trash cans, where people can place bottles and boxes for those who want to redeem the pantry.

– The discussion about an even higher mortgage to get even more empty goods is probably dead for the time being. There is a balance between a mortgage that is too high and a good mortgage. If it gets too high, the experience is that it can tempt cheating in different ways, he explains.

25 years ago last

There is still a long way to go before the bottleneck is set up. Already in 2013 an initiative was taken to enlarge. Some of the reasons were that the mortgage rate was 2.50 for large bottles, although the 50 earrings were no longer in use.

Nonetheless, the case was long before the government was sent for consultation last summer.

Before the new year, the Ministry of the Environment announced that the promise would be submitted for the first time since 1993.

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