Ringerike Leaf – More observations should be done by celebrity-veranda, without the police having found it

The person who stole a white Porsche 911 with registration number UR 55373 at Gardermoen on Saturday, is still on the move, writes Romerike Blad. The extreme 550 hp car is not found.

It was stolen from Gardermoen, where Mikkel Christiansen had put it in the parking lot on Friday in DJ Broiler. When he returned Saturday, he was gone. This led to media attention in the national media without the car being found.

Get information from the police

When Christiansen returned from Stavanger on Saturday morning, he did not find the car in the P-house. The police had already sought it, but lost it at the Råholt church.

"We were told that the driver was suspicious and drove a patrol to see if they could do it again," said Ronny Samuelsen, operations manager in the Eastern Police District.

Images are published in various online newspapers throughout the country because the owner is known as a music producer and DJ without giving results.

It was not found on Sunday when RB spoke to the operation center on the 13th Sunday.

It is impossible to catch someone at the police who can say something about whether there has been a lot of public opinion, something the police have asked for on Twitter.

But after the RB experiences some came in. We do not know where the car is. Operations Manager only confirms that the car is not found and knows nothing about it. At the central station they do not know who might comment on the case in the police.


It is probably being investigated by the Gardermoen police station when more researchers are on duty on Monday. Since the theft took place in Gardermoen, it is logical that they investigate it.

After the RB has been notified, a partial delay will occur, without anyone being able to respond to what this content is, or if you have watched video from the parking garage.

The police still want tips about the car. It must be sought, also internationally.

Mikkel Christiansen tells RB that he parked the car on Friday morning at P10 at Gardermoen.

– Then I came back at 0830 today, it was not there. I have reported that it has been stolen. Then the police said to them that they had already noticed, he said Saturday morning.

He who owns the car is surprised that the thieves have succeeded in driving.

"It's a tough car to drive in. It's an old car with lots of horses, so it's a little challenging," he says.

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