Ringerikes Blad – NRK stream Anne Lindmo comes to Hønefoss

It is the women's network Novapro, which Anne Lindmo received for her annual event, namely Lillelørdag på Klækken hotell.

The date is January 22, 2019, but Tone Reneflot Thoresen in Novapro is already enjoying itself:

– It will be the 5th anniversary of Lillelørdag and the award of
the female model of this year. This is emphasized and we are very pleased that Anne Lindmo said yes, "says Thoresen.


Anne Lindmo is next to a profiled TV presenter with the talk show "Lindmo" also a sought-after teacher. What gets a theme when she comes to Hønefoss is not entirely clear yet.

"She takes Fredrik Skavlan to NRK on Friday evening and is therefore a very relevant name, and because of her mailing list, we had to move Lillelørdag from Wednesday to Tuesday, says Thoresen.

Since 2012 Anne Lindmo led the talk show "Lindmo". She has been voted the best female director of Norway five times and last year she won the Golden Route in the category of best entertainment program & # 39; s.

Sofie Frost and Lindis Hurum

The whole program for Lillelørdag is not yet clear, but in addition to Anne Lindmo it is clear that Sofie Frost is coming. She is known for the Norwegian Talent program.

"She is a great mediator of her poem by so-called gossip, we were touched and involved when we saw her at Norwegian Talents, writing about her own experiences and the ups and downs of life," says Thoresen.

Frost got the title Nordic Champion this year. She has also been involved in gender equality and the fight against sexual harassment.

Two local names are also on the poster:

Lindis Hurum, emergency coordinator of the MSF, will come. We were also lucky that Hilde Dahlen said yes to a conference and there will be entertainment through the music collective. And of course a new prize will be awarded to this year's female model. We are looking forward to a real party night, "concludes Thoresen.

COMING: Lindis Hurum from Hole is ready for Lillelørdag 22 January.

COMING: Lindis Hurum from Hole is ready for Lillelørdag 22 January.


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