Romerike Leaf – Death accident on E6

The police confirm to Romerike Leaf that the perpetrator is a man in the 1950s of Romerike. The family members are informed.

"It is currently unclear who the driver of the motorcycle was, both the wounded and the injured were on the bike, says Operations Manager Sveen.

Brakes for dogs

The police were informed of the serious accident on Sunday afternoon after 2 pm. The event happened just north of the Hvam crossing on the E6 in Skedsmo to the north.

"It is a serious accident, a man died, another man is taken to Ullevål hospital with serious injury, and we have received no feedback from the hospital, so the seriousness of the injuries is still unclear" says Gisle Sveen, head of Operations in the Eastern Police District.

The operations manager also states that on the road a dog should have stopped a car on the highway. It explained to the police the driver of the car himself.

"According to the message, the accident occurred when a car stopped because a dog got out of the way and the engine was driving in. We do not have any information because we doubt the driver's explanation," says Sveen.

The police announce that lifesaving first aid has been implemented on the spot, but the man in the fifties has quickly been declared dead.

The driver of the car involved in the accident is taken care of in the best possible way, according to the manager.

The road opened

The E6 northbound, just north of Hvam near Olavsgaard, was closed for a long time due to the accident but was reopened at 4.15 pm.

The police announce that they have carried out on-the-spot investigations, together with the accident analysis group at the Norwegian Public Road Administration.

– The work on the site is now complete. Furthermore, the research and analysis results will round off the cause of accidents. At the moment it has not been proven that the driver of the car has done something impeccable, says Operations Manager Sveen.

New E6 accident

A field on the E6 towards Oslo was also closed in the northward direction shortly after the fatal accident. The reason was a small traffic accident.

"There has been a car that has driven from behind on Lindeberg on the E6 to the south on another car, there are no personal injuries except that someone in the neck was in pain, says the operations manager.

The E6 in a southerly direction was opened for traffic just after 4 pm.

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