Romerikes Leaf – warns online against online organized sex printers

[Nettavisen:] More and more are being exposed online to sexual blackmail, writes Kripos on their web pages & # 39; s. Young men are often the victims.

They are contacted on chat and webcam by women who care for themselves, perform sexual acts with themselves and ask the victims to do the same.

Organized crime

The victims do not Know that records are being made that are later used for reprinting money. Often the "woman" talks to the team of designed video clips and there are probably organized criminals behind.

In the winter it became known that a young Northman had taken his life after being exposed to this form of extortion.

– This is an organized, professionalized and extremely cynical form of extortion, said Ola Kristian Bjørge, prosecutor and police, in Kripos at the time at

NRK has spoken with "Pål" who has experienced this. It should only be a flirtation, but when he handed over his e-mail address to the woman he had met at a chat service so they could contact Skype, the extras received his full name and discovered who his family was was. After he had dressed for the webcam, "Pål" got a link from the recording he had made and a message that he had to pay 20,000 kroner if the film would not be sent to friends and family.

In several cases, movies are sent to the victim's friends on Facebook or posted on YouTube. Kripos writes that extortion is aggressive and continuous.

Your advice is to break all contact and not to pay, they write. Many never report because they are afraid that friends and family know what happened. You feel a lot of shame and guilt.

– Our experience is that if you disconnect and do not pay, it is organized and professionalized that the perpetrators advance to the next victim, writes Kripos on Facebook.

"Pål" was one of those who did not go to the police, writes NRK. He made it out with the blackmailer and tried to erase all digital numbers himself. However, it is important for the police that all evidence is kept.

Advice for people who are exposed to extortion:

  • Disconnect as quickly as possible with blackmailers.
  • Do not pay what extortioners need. If you pay, there are usually more requirements.
  • Documents most of what happened:
  • Determine which services, channels and accounts you use and by pressing.
  • Take screenshots of textual display content, profile information and images / videos from the person you were communicating with.
  • If you know how to find the IP address of the blackmailer, this is important information.
  • All information from the press can help him identify, such as for addresses, telephone number, account number, payment information, etc.
  • Was this referred to web pages & # 39; s or other internet addresses in the conversation?
  • Do not remove installed software or delete accounts until the police have completed the necessary investigations. Break the contact by blocking the extector, not by deleting the software.
  • Contact the police as soon as possible. Time is a critical factor in such matters.
  • (Source: Kripos)

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