Salmar will build a new salmon factory for NOK 675 million

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On Saturday, the company announced that they will build a new slaughterhouse and a processing plant in Senja, in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms.

The factory has an estimated price tag of NOK 675 million, and the decision was announced on Saturday at a press conference on Senja, where Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) and entrepreneur Salmar Gustav Witzøe were present.

"There will be a processing company for salmon, where we will slaughter the fish and then process it." Initially there will be 50-70 jobs, Witzøe said to NRK.

Two options

According to the company, the location selection between the two municipalities was Lenvik and Sørreisa. By choosing the first one, the factory in the neighboring municipality comes to Tranøy in Senja, where Salmar has built a large smoltanplant.

The smoltan factory cost around 600 million crowns and was opened by the prime minister in May last year.

According to Salmar, they will immediately start planning and planning. They expect construction work to start next summer and that the plant will be ready for use in the second half of 2020.

In his home municipality Frøya Salmar built the slaughterhouse and the processing plant Innovamar, which was completed in 2010 with a price tag of NOK 550 million.

32 licenses in the north

Salmar has a total of 100 salmon farms in Norway. 68 of the licenses are located in Trøndelag and Nordmøre, while they have 32 licenses in Northern Norway through the wholly-owned subsidiary Salmar Nord.

Witzøe says on the website of Salmar that they have been self-sufficient with smolt from the smoltan factory in Tranøy, which supplies the fish farms in the north.

"With our new salmon plant in Lenvik, we will be able to process and process the salmon when it is ready for slaughter, thus establishing the entire value chain of the Northern fishing industry," said Witzøe.

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