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"Aftenposten uses a secret recording, of a closed event, where we see morality." The journalists of tomorrow are in the footsteps of today's journalists, completely devoid of ethics, Sandberg writes in an SMS to NRK.

NRK had contact with several students who attended the event. They say they were told not to reproduce what was said during the lecture, where the press was not invited.

But on Friday Aftenposten was able to publish a series of quotations from the meeting, after receiving the recordings from the lecture.

– Gleam of the eye

According to Aftenposten, Sandberg and Letnes used the lecture to clarify their future plans: "export a few thousand spikes to Iran" and launch an Iranian festival in Oslo.

– It's a store. It is trade. It is culture, Sandberg said during the lecture.

– Iran has four seasons all the time, they have a lot of winter, a lot of steep slopes and have no bond. Earn money like grass. That is what we are going to do now, he continued.

Per Sandberg does not respond directly to NRK's ​​questions about whether the quotation marks in Aftenposten have been reproduced correctly, but write that they "do not see a flash in the eyes of a recording".

"We will export ski slopes, ski slopes, snowmobiles, snowmobiles, and all that has to do with winter, and of course we accept that the President of the United States accepts this, he writes.

Back to Iran

Sandberg went last week as Minister of Fisheries, following the criticism of Iran's holiday trip this summer. He had broken the security instructions of the ministry by using the service telephone during the trip.

According to the inclusion of Aftenposten, the couple said that they plan a new trip to Iran in October and that they will make documentaries and readers will write during the trip.

Sandberg responds in such a way that one or more journalists who participated in the event shared the recording:

"I hope we have contributed to the" tysteren "that goes to the journalist school, or have a big contribution in the study or employment in Aftenposten.

Aftenposten thinks that the event should be regarded as an open reading.

– The event was an open lecture for journalistic students. As far as I know they had not invited the press. An audio recording has been made. We felt that the information could be passed on, "says news editor Tone Tveøy Strøm-Gundersen to NRK.

The organizer: – Important not to be obedient to former politicians

University teacher Asbjørn Olsen at OsloMet, who arranged the lecture, said that he invited Sandberg to a closed show, an educational situation.

Sandberg said, according to Olsen, that no press should be present.

"It is implicit that what is being said is not published, so I told the students that they (Sandberg and Letnes, journalists) did not want it to be quoted from the lecture, and I would have liked to have invited the press, because this is an up-to-date was the subject, but this time there was the choice between interesting guests or no guests, "says Olsen to NRK.

"However, I made it clear to Sandberg before the lecture that the university can not conclude lectures, we are not authorized, but we are not obliged to bring them to the market.

According to Olsen, Sandberg advised the students that it was not a problem if they published something in the social media of the lecture.

Despite Olsen's recommendation to the students not to quote from the lecture, he is proud of the fact that it was confused.

"I will be giving a few lectures this week and tell the students how important it is not to obey teachers and ex-politicians and to make sure that they have done so now, to take care of sound recordings and photo & # 39; s if something interesting happens, "says Olsen.

"I am sorry for Per Sandberg and Bahareh Letnes, but at the same time I am a little proud of my students, which may indicate a good, critical approach, which the legislator has to approach, depending on journalism, but the price they pay. can be lost to trust and access to these specific resources, which is "gamet".

What do you think Sandberg calls your student for tits?

– I have no comment. But I certainly will not hunt.

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