Sandefjord Blad – Gunnar Rismyhr won three million – now Kodal is a party

– It is the first time that we win something that is so difficult. We have been several years and have once won 45 crowns in the past says Gunnar Rismyhr to Sandefjord Blad.

On Saturday night he celebrated the 55th birthday of Nina Halvorsen's girlfriend and it was full of joy in the living room when Norsk Tipping signed up for the party.

Rismyhr was the Joker candidate for Saturday. With a solid NOK of 2,980,000 in the pot and an entry fee of $ 596,000, which he won when he was withdrawn as a candidate, Gunnar was already known for winning Reidar Buskenes, the programmer named Norsk Tipping.

– If I win big tonight, I'll be a real 60th birthday, "said the hobbyist from Kodal to Norsk Fooi

and he won a lot, almost three million were the prize when the Joker came to the first century , to a big jubilee of the audience in the living room.

– Now it's 60th birthday, yes, I have to pack some things and we've been thinking about how to fix it, but it's fine now, he says.

Joker's newly-baked millionaire played on the following numbers: 4-0-5-7 [19659000] – Do you think something can be done with the money?

– No, it has to be grubbed up, he says to Sandefjord Sheet

Archaeologists have rarely found finds in sandefjordskogen (+)

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