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Due to large quantities of mutton on regulated stocks, the sales council gave Nortura a ready signal to sell 1,000 tons of mutton for fur fodder, writes the Nation.

The price is NOK 25.75 per kilo, for a total of almost NOK 26 million for sheep farming. For comparison: it would cost 33 kilos to destroy the meat. It shows figures from calculations made by Nortura on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The leader in the Norwegian fur coat, Bertran Trane Skadsem, thinks that this shows some of the advantages of the farm from the fur industry.

"The figures presented show that fur farming is reducing sheep farmers to more than 7 million, and there is no doubt that it is good for the Saudi people, as the situation is now," he told the newspaper.

Skadsem calls fur farming a valve for agriculture and the food industry.

– When something goes wrong, whether it concerns the production of dairy products or dead fish, fur farming is an innovator. In addition, values ​​are generated by the export of furs. It is a win-win situation, he says.

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