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Scrollers driven by a rush man – now he is sentenced to jail

The man is also sentenced to driving license throughout life, writes Fædrelandsvennen.

It was September 26 last year that three skiers were hit during a training trip along road 414 in Vegårshei in Aust-Agder. The man who steered the car remained stuck but was arrested the next day.

The public prosecutor said the 37-year-old was purposely skating on two roller skaters and the man was accused of two cases of gross physical injury when he met him in the court of Aust-Agder.

According to the newspaper, he explained that he had slept a little in the days before the incident. He acknowledged a fine for driving in a harmful condition, possession of three grams of hashish and various violations of the Road Traffic Act.

After the evidence, the public prosecutor chose to refrain from allegations of gross physical damage.

In the judicial review, the court emphasizes the confession of the man, the long lead time and the burden he has "accused on an incorrect basis by the prosecution for driving the abused intentions" in a mitigating direction.

In sharp contrast, the man was convicted four times before for driving in an unauthorized condition and that the man did not have a valid driver's license when the driveways took place.

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