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– This was as expected and earned. This is a fair punishment for the man who hurts my daughter, says the girl's father to NRK.

– Are you prepared for the appeal against the sentence?

– If this verdict is challenged, it means that he has not understood what he has done. Then he did not realize what the reality is, "said the father

The 20-year-old defender, Marius Ihlebæk, does not want to comment on the verdict at the moment.

"My client is in prison and I can not talk to him until tomorrow," says Ihlebæk.

It was September 4 last year that the 19-year-old man was looking for the girl at the St. Hallvard High School in Lier.

He had traveled by train and bus to go to school and put a kitchen knife in his pocket.

Knotting Lier

The police with great strength withdrew to St. Hallvard High School in Lier after a girl was stabbed.

Photo: Per Håkon Solberg / NRK

At school he found the girl he had met online, and attacked her in the corridor. The then 16-year-old girl had injured life-threatening injuries after 17 messticks. The knife broke due to the connectors.

Hope for custody

"I have not spoken to my client yet, but what concerns them most is not the claim, but the verdict against the convicts," said assistant lawyer Harald Stabell. Whatever bothered her most was whether he should get custody, he adds.

Stabell originally claimed $ 250,000 in compensation compensation and is surprised and very pleased that Drammen tingrett raised the amount to 300,000 kronor.

"It was higher than I claimed, I think that was the basis for 250,000 crowns, because what happened was so special and so terrible, in fact it was difficult to support 250,000 crowns in compensation based on current legal practice, but then she gets 300,000 crowns, that's it
rare, and we have to go back to July 22 for such a high amount. when
there were people who died. Fortunately, the girl did not die, but it was on
nipple, says Stabell.

personality disorders

The prosecutor asked for nine years in custody for overthrown attempts at murder. The defender of the man, lawyer Marius Ihlebæk, requested the accused to be convicted of gross physical damage.

The 19-year-old was photographed when he ran off the stage at St. Hallvard High School.

The man was photographed when he ran off the stage at St. Hallvard High School.

Photo: Mathias

The legal psychiatric experts believe that the suspect has both a narcissistic and a psychosocial personality disorder. They have considered that he is at high risk of committing new acts of violence outside the prison.

The 20-year-old lacks empathy, they mean, among other things, that the suspects were sitting and throwing when the girl in the court told how the accused held her and pierced her.

– My life has changed forever

The statements of the girls and the accused last week went to closed doors in the district court of Drammen. But in the break wanted the now 17-year-old girl to talk to the press.

Harald Stabell and Vibeke Gjøslien Martins

Jenta & # 39; s assistant attorney Harald Stabell and prosecutor in the case, Attorney General Vibeke Gjøslien Martins.

Photo: Per Håkon Solberg / NRK

– My life has changed forever. It is not a day that I have not thought about what has happened. I was completely in the basement, I could not eat or walk, she said in the months after the knife stab.

The surgeon who operated the girl when she arrived at the hospital told about extensive life-threatening damage to the girl who needed immediate surgery.

«Go and die your fucking whore»

The defendant has always denied that he was trying to kill the girl. He has admitted to hurt her, claiming in the courtroom that he felt threatened with the girl and that he would startle her.

Knotting Lier

The blade broke due to the 17 stitches. Here it is compiled by the police and the arrow shows where it broke.

Photo: police

He was blamed for threatening the girl, including in text messages in which he wrote: "Go and die your goddamn whore" and "I'll find you and fuckings kill you".

The defendant believes that he and the girl were friends before, but the girl said they were just friends.

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