Signed agreement on high-rise at Oslo S

In January it became clear that the project "Nordic Light" won the plan and design competition of Bane NOR Eiendom to design "Fjord Sports Oslo S", a high-rise building at the central railway station of the capital.

On Friday, this agreement was signed by project manager Rune Breivik and development director Morten Austestad of Bane NOR Eiendom, and Kristin Ramstad of Reiulf Ramstad Architects.
Project manager Rune Breivik and Development Director Morten Austestad of Bane NOR Eiendom, and Kristin Ramstad of Reiulf Ramstad Architects. Photo: Monica Toften / Bane NOR Property

The latter represents the winning team behind the "Nordisk Lys" project, consisting of Reiulf Ramstad Architects and C.F Møller, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure, Baugrundinstitut Franke-Meißner und Partner and Transsolar Climate Engineering.

The longest house in Norway?

Project manager at Bane Nor Eiendom, Rune Breivik, says that the building as it stands is about as high as the Posthuset (the former Postgirobygget, 112 meters) and Oslo Plaza (117 meters and the tallest building in Norway).

– In the competition program, ie the guide document that determines the framework for the competition, it was described that the building would be at the height of the Postuur.

– Is it important to have the highest house in Norway?
Illustration of the high house "Nordic light" seen from the water. Illustration: Reiulf Ramstad Architects and C F Møller

– Not really, but we think it's good to build high on Oslo S. This, among other things, to achieve the zero growth target, the goal of the state is that the growth of passenger transport must be made by public transport, bicycle and corridors. One measure here is, among other things, facilitating more jobs at the hubs. The more you build around the hubs, the more people travel collectively and the more effect you get. That is why we think it should be built on Oslo S with a greater density than is currently the case, the project manager responds.

The next step in the process is to complete the project as the basis for a regulatory plan. That is why the size of the building and the material specifications have not been clarified.

"The two different variants of the proposals have a gross area of ​​between 45,000 and 52,000 square meters, the drawing is shown to 29 floors and today you are about the same size as the post office. architect, but there are details that will be added after the regulation, "says Breivik.

Part of the train station

The use of the building has not yet been defined, but Bane NOR Eiendom has considered the possibility of an office or a hotel and possibly a combination of these two. According to the project manager, housing was found to be unsuitable.

The two lower floors will become the station area for Oslo S.
Illustration of station operations in the coming high house. Illustration: Reiulf Ramstad Architects and C F Møller

– The building is about where the current air terminal is now located. It tears and we build the new building in the same position. The two lower floors will become part of the train station just like today. There is an expected increase in the number of travelers at Oslo S. So there is some change to facilitate future use.

– Have you taken into account that important changes in the regulations must be made?

"It is a little too early to say, now that we are preparing for a trial with the Municipality of Oslo, normally a planning process with the municipality takes about two years, and if we have the plan, it will take a while before we start the construction, "said the project manager, who plans to start construction in three years time, says the project manager.

«New Oslo S»

Bane NOR Eiendom invited a limited planning and design competition in June 2017 to the design of "Fjordporten Oslo S". According to a press release from January of this year, Bane NOR Oslo S will develop in the coming years and the collective hub will be improved and facilitated for more travelers. The development is based on the "New Oslo S" project, drawn up by Space Group in 2008.

According to the press release, the project includes three main buildings; Stasjons only, Krystallen and Fjord sports. The first step in this project is the station and the high-rise project "Fjordporten", which was signed on Friday.

This is stated in the decision of the jury "The assessment of the jury is that" Nordic Light "responds best to the challenges of the program.The project shows a good understanding of the many buildings of the task and a willingness and enthusiasm to find solutions through a good and sustainable architecture The jury is of the opinion that the proposal has a concept that shows an appropriate approach and is robust enough to withstand the necessary adjustments and that the project can be strengthened by this work. "
Illustration of the entrance. Illustration: Reiulf Ramstad Architects and C F Møller

"We think that the high house has a form and location that takes into account the port axis of Karl Johans, that is to say the view of Ekebergåsen from the Karl Johans gate, that the municipality wanted to continue. is suitable for the rest of the buildings in the area and is good for maintaining the East Bank region ", says project manager Rune Breivik in Bane Nor Eiendom.

24 applications

Winners of the Reiulf Ramstad Architects competition with more was one of the 24 international teams who signed up to participate in the competition and one in four was chosen. The teams that did not win were:

  • BIG Bjarke Ingels group, Element Architects, Center Consultant, ÅF Engineering,
  • Ingenhoven Architects, Common Ground, Atelier Loidl Landscape Architects, Werner Sobek, CDM Smith Consult
  • Sauerbruchutton Studio Oslo Landscape Architects, Bollinger & Grohmann Engineers, Golder Associates.

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