Siv Jensen warns for celebrations on payday

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AP, SV, Red and Trade Movement respond to the fact that Minister of Finance warns Siv Jensen (Frp) for a payday party.

On the same day that the Nordea analysts made predictions about a wage increase at a location between 3.5 and 4 percent by 2020, the Minister of Finance is warned against the parties.

As a Minister of Finance, I have to be careful that I do not mix with the pay agreements. It is and will be the responsibility of the parties. But I will still take the opportunity to warn of a new and cost-increasing bonanza, "Jensen said in a statement during the Verdiskapers Konferens i Kristiansund on Wednesday.

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strengthens out

The Minister of Finance showed that moderate wage settlements contributed to the Norwegian economy having passed the oil service.

"This is being praised by the competitive position of the Norwegian industry now significantly better than the oil price decline, and this should be taken advantage of." Norwegian industry, and oil-related companies in particular, will remain an important part of Norway for many decades. economy, but it requires them to be competitive and it's now that we get the real test, "Jensen said.

– Increased differences

The salary statement in 2015 was historically lean for Norwegian employees. By the end of 2016, real wages had fallen by 1.2 percent.

The years before and after ended with cautious real wage growth of 1.6 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively. The forecasts for 2018 show continued moderation, although the estimates go back to the 2nd century.

"If the Minister of Finance is worried about Bonanza, she would rather take the dividend party on the stock market," said First Vice-President Marie Sneve Martinussen in Red to NTB.

"The differences have increased in these years because employees have taken responsibility, it is now time for the wage-earners to achieve a slightly larger share in value creation, she emphasizes.

Hard to defend

She follows the tax spokesperson Kari Elisabeth Kaski from SV and Rigmor Aasrud ​​from Ap.

"It is useless if the Minister of Finance asks the parties to the labor force to limit themselves, as long as they earn bonuses and top salaries." In Norway, the workers traditionally stood for a moderate line, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend when the unorganized peaks experience a payday party, "Kaski says to NTB.

Aasrud ​​says the trade union movement has a tradition of being responsible.

"And just like that, it's important to be organized as much as possible Once the competitiveness has been recycled, it's important that the division of labor and capital gains is fair," said Aasrud, who asked the finance minister in the Storting twice for the development of the distribution.

"I have not received any response so far," says Aasrud.

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– Look at management fees

LO leader Hans-Christan Gabrielsen believes that Jensen must save himself.

"We do not need a forefinger from the Finance Minister, Norwegian workers have taken the bill because the financial crisis and the oil spill have arisen, while the government's government has won tens of billions of tax cuts." from the value creation, he says to NTB.

"Of course, employees must be part of the value creation," he adds.

The leader of the YS-affiliated Parat, Hans-Erik Skjäggerud, finds the play unnecessary and inappropriate.

"We need more if the value creation is good and less if things go badly, if Jensen thinks about the developments in the top wage, I can understand her, but then she has to look at the wage developments in those companies where the state has ownership interests, he says.

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