Solberg at new preparedness center: – A foundation for Norwegian security

On Tuesday afternoon, Prime Minister Erna Solberg laid the foundation for the National Defense Center for Police in Taraldrud in Ski Municipality.
On Tuesday afternoon, Prime Minister Erna Solberg laid the foundation for the National Defense Center for Police in Taraldrud in Ski Municipality. Photo: Ruud, Vidar / NTB scanpix


On Tuesday Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) laid the foundation for the new police reaction center in Taraldrud.


On Monday, in a short week, the Prime Minister should meet for consultation during the Deposit on the criticism of the OAG on the lack of security of infrastructure that is crucial for the community.

The new emergency center of the police is one of the answers to the serious shortcomings revealed in the committee report of 22 July. The government's follow-up of the report forms the basis for the OAG's investigation.

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"It would cost a lot if we were to offer a land insurance policy where the police are today and it would not be optimal use of money when we spend 2.6 billion dollars on the new emergency center," Solberg told NTB after she had fallen. the basis of what will become the headquarters of the BHV group, the bombing group, the crisis and hostage negotiators and the helicopter service of the police from September 2020.

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The Prime Minister meets the criticism from the OAG at various points.

"However, we have spent more money on training the police, we have provided many more police officers who can contribute to the intelligence and the identification of threats, and who can stop if something happens," she says.

Not all night

"At the same time we did not get far enough, but object security costs a lot of money, and we can not change from one day to the next," says Solberg.

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It also indicates that the security act is being amended with new and more flexible definitions of object protection, while the criticism of the OAG is based on the existing security act.

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According to Justice and Deputy Minister Tor Mikkel Wara (Frp), the new preparedness center will provide security for a third of the police's basic objects – four of the twelve objects that are called criticism in the OAG report.

Practice and move

During a tour of the construction site before the first stone was closed on Tuesday, Solberg and Wara heard, among other things, how police leaders look forward to being able to practice and be ready at the same time.

"In order to respond quickly and correctly to an extraordinary event, it is important that national resources for disaster preparedness are collected so that they have immediate access to transport capacity," Solberg said before setting the foundation.

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stumbling blocks

For example, the original plans for building a shelter in Alnabru in Oslo were sheltered because of the limited space and difficult construction conditions. But also the Taraldrud project has met its challenges, not least protests from its neighbors.

"I admit we spent some time before we finally arrived," Solberg said during the ceremony and gathered 300 guests from the police, ministry and contractors.

"There is no place that is better suited than Taraldrud," Wara said.

"This is the cornerstone of the new preparedness center, but also a basis for Norwegian safety," said Solberg just before she broke the magazine, including the Tuesday edition of Aftenposten and Østlandets Blad.

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