Solberg expects a solution for the county squadron

TASKS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) finds it difficult to give the counties new tasks before politicians know how big the provinces are.
TASKS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) finds it difficult to give the counties new tasks before politicians know how big the provinces are. Picture: Maria Holm Simonsen (Folkebladet)


SENJA (VG) Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) strives for the government and the KrF to draft a resolution on regional reform – if not, this will have consequences.


In recent weeks, it has blew up the storm over the regional reform, which the government parties and KrF have adopted in the Storting last summer. The party leaders gathered for debate at the center of the battle when they debated the County Assembly in Senja in Troms.

During the debate, Solberg was confronted with strong opposition from the other debates, who want to stop the merger of Troms and Finnmark. The merger is blocked and Sp has registered one suggestions for reversal, something monkeys and the other reddish green are behind it. KrF decides in a tilt position, but they wait Until they know which new tasks provinces will receive.

– What happens if the merger of Troms and Finnmark does not go through the Deposit?

"We are four parties that work together, I expect a solution, Solberg replies.

– Effects

KrF sees the tasks of the new region & # 39; s presented on October 15 for the closing of Finnmark.

– KrF voted for legislative changes. The law has been passed and the adopted reform has been approved by the votes of KrF, according to the prime minister.

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– Do you expect KrF to be valid not only for a Finnmark?

"If we do not implement the regional reform with the sizes that we have added, this will have consequences for the tasks that the counties get." The Storting must take over, says Solberg, who does not want to go into more detail.

If Finnmark is alone, it has consequences, she says.

"That means we do not have a regional reform as we thought we should have, either it means that they can not get the tasks they get, or that we do not transfer tasks and therefore have consequences for everyone. that the Deposit will decide later, the Prime Minister replies.

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During the debate, the applause was far outside the audience for Solberg, than for AP and SV, who attacked the reform. Audun Lysbakken (SV) thought the anger in the north should be a warning to the government. Solberg says she did not notice any negativity during the trip to the north.

– I notice that people in Finnmark are against it, but in Troms that is not the case. You are not opposed to the Reform in the North & # 39 ;, she says.

Returns the criticism of the order

The government has been heavily criticized for determining the size of the counties before deciding which tasks they will receive.

"We have to organize tasks based on how we think they can be managed in a good way." "For new tasks, large regions are important." It is not that you change where you live, or that you belong to it. to make the counties of counties an ever-expanding region.

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– There is a large variation in size in the region, regardless of whether Finnmark is alone. Are you satisfied with the tasks you can give?

"What matters is that there are a number of provincial municipalities that are currently too small to be effective with a new portfolio." The discussion of district councils has taken place over many governments.

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The opposition believes that tasks must have come before the geography to prevent uncertainty.

"After having discussed it before, it has often been said that you can not decide to decentralize tasks before the regions have grown," Solberg replies.

Solberg about Ap: – Amazing

Solberg goes hard against Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre. She finds it amazing that he thinks that the provincial councilor in Finnmark does not come to the municipal government to discuss the situation with the merger because they are opposed to the reform.

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– This is adopted in parliament. Should we all start to say that the resolutions of the Deposit do not apply to us because we did not agree with those resolutions? It is a special form of parliamentarianism.

Støre is of the opinion that the right is irresponsible when the companion studies the province without clarifying which new tasks they will receive first.

"It is not our fault that Jonas Gahr Støre thinks it's a good thing to not worry about a parliamentary decision.

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– Is this reform carried out in the best possible way?

"There have been many challenges, and three governments ahead of us are facing challenges in organizing the tasks that the provinces should have, because there is an intermediate level that is a bit of an issue today. in Storting who thinks we should have a regional reform, and that is what Ap means, they did not understand when they were in government the last time, and at some point they have to start, she says.

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