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Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway) measures 108,000 unemployed people in Norway in June in its new LFS survey.

It accounts for 3.9 percent of the workforce, giving an unemployment rate of 0.1 percent from the May measurement.

– Noise

– I count this as a sound in the statistics. There are too many fluctuations from month to month to emphasize this, "says sales analyst Erik Bruce from Nordea Markets to E24.

"The most important picture is that employment in Norway is growing and it is growing so well that unemployment will eventually fall," he says.

Nordea Markets points out in particular that LFS unemployment will fall to three percent in the coming years.

By comparison, the average unemployment rate in the EU is 6.9 percent. It has, however, subsided over the past few months, while unemployment has declined a bit.

DNB markets anticipated that the unemployment rates in Norway will remain unchanged at 3.8 percent in June.

Noticing lack of labor

Since March, the number of jobs in Norway has increased by 13,000 to 2,692,000, according to the Statistical Office, which corresponds to 67.5 percent of the population.

"With such low immigration, the labor supply will not increase much." In the end there will be a labor shortage in Norway, Bruce announces.

On Thursday, a news that he thinks is a preliminary warning: in Rogaland, Nav must recruit people from abroad to fill thousands of free oil lanes.

Unemployment in the LFS in Norway fell gradually from the spring of 2017 and after the fall. After that, the unemployment rate was relatively stable between 3.8 and 4 percent.

Statistics Norway's figures are seasonally adjusted and based on a three-month moving average.

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NORWAY TO EUROPE: The eurozone has an average unemployment rate of 6.9 percent.

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NORWAY TO EUROPE: The eurozone has an average unemployment rate of 6.9 percent.

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