Students: With this & # 39; trick & # 39; you can lower your insurance

Thousands of students started this week at the University of Tromsø. A press release from Tryg Tryg states that not everyone has to arrange home insurance, despite moving to a flat or flat.

– Nowadays we receive a number of questions from students who doubt whether they need their own insurance. Here the rules are simple: if you do not change the registered address of your people, you can use the parent insurances. Many students with a tight economy can save a lot of money by using the parents' insurance policies when they leave home, "says Espen Opedal, head of Insurance Insurance in the press release.

Parental insurance covers the assets, unless you change the address If you live in public and want to use your parents' insurances, Opedal has a council.

– In a collective agreement, residents can have very different insurance schemes, but here too the main rule is that only when you change the registered address, you have to take out home insurance yourself, so your assets are insured through your parents' insur- ance, even if you live together in a collective.If you are stolen, you are encouraged to keep your valuables in your own room. and not in the common area, "said Opedal in the press release.

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