Suddenly the king stands on the platform

Kåre M. Hansen, who took the statue of the king on stage, lives in Vestby in Akershus. He was on his way home from work, a little stressed because he had to keep company to celebrate the 60th birthday of the woman.

In the poor lighting of the station, he first doubted whether it really was the king. But when he saw two bodyguards with a stop in his ear, he became self-assured. Hansen is a former Aftenposten journalist and always had his eyes with him.

"When I stood in front of the king, I was eager to ask if he could send a greeting to my wife, Sonja, at age 16. But I realized that he was out of the door and would not bother him," Hansen said.

"However, there was a point in the speech that I held later in the evening.

He had time to pick up the cell phone from the backpack and made a few photos.

Smiling and relaxed

"I thought it was such a unique situation that I wanted to document it, the king smiled and relaxed and talked to people, I do not think there was as much around it as it actually was," says Hansen. .

"I am happy and proud to live in a country that is so safe that King Harald, like his father, can take the train, and I am under the impression that he prefers trains rather than a private driver, Hansen emphasizes.

– King Harald must be the world's greatest popular king.

The castle: – Not uncommon

"It is not uncommon for the king to take a train – this applies to the entire royal family," says Deputy Communications Manager at the palace, Sven Gj Gjeruldsen.

"It's reserved for them on board the train," he says.

Monday Maihaugen, golden wedding Wednesday Wednesday

The castle never commented on the private program of the royal family, so where King Harald was on his way this Friday is not known.

On Monday King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince and Princess Märtha will attend the opening of the Queen & # 39; s Childhood Home, which has moved to Maihaugen in Lillehammer. The event is private and guests take part.

On Wednesday, the royal couple celebrates the golden wedding ceremony with a festive service in Oslo Cathedral. The couple Karl Johan drives in the same car and on the same route as during the wedding 50 years ago.

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