Suggests punishing children under the age of 15 with footnote

If the Danish Federation's Professional Federation (KY) proposal is revised, it means that children younger than 15 can be punished with a footnote, Fri fagbevægelse reports.

This summer the Oslo police went to Dagbladet and told that young criminals younger than 15 years suffer from serious violence, drug offenses and theft. Experienced policemen, including Geir Tveit, were head of the police prevention department in central Oslo and wanted a juvenile prison to deal with extreme cases of juvenile delinquency.

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Knut Are Svenkerud, leader in KY, takes a proposal to the Ministry of Justice instead of saying that young criminals can use the footnote.

"Electronic monitoring as a precautionary measure will be less effective, but at the same time it will be more likely to succeed than by placing minors in a closed institution or prison," says Svenkerud.

"People who perform electronic monitoring with GPS are unlikely to be welcome to participate in gang activities," the KY leader writes in the proposal.

KY has not considered a lower age limit, but they open for children under 15 years of age to be penalized with electronic check. They think it must be up to the judge to decide whether children will work with footwear. (NTB)

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