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Swedish online goddess actor Maxgodis reports a new sales record in the first half of the year.

Net sales increased by 260 percent, from NOK 12 million to NOK 43 million compared to the same half last year.

Both April and May were record months for candy sales, with net sales of respectively 8.5 and 8.6 million Swedish kroner, according to the company.

Strongest growth from Western Norway

Much of the growth is attributed to Norwegians.

"We have significant growth in Norwegian customers," says CEO Morten Hansson in Net Trading Group, owner of Maxgodis, at E24.

He believes that, due to price savings, more and more Norwegians will act out of them.

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"A lot of the business idea when we started to allow frontier trading from the bank, we now see the biggest growth in Rogaland and Hordaland – because it has an incredibly long road to the border, Hansson emphasizes.

Such & # 39; s formidable growth, Hval Chocolate Factory can only stay far behind. Net sales fell by 24 percent in the first half of the year.

"This is exactly what we have announced that will happen," said Hval boss Rune Forsberg to E24 about the Swedish jubilee figures.

– This shows that the effect of the sugar surcharge has been completely opposite to what the KrF believed. People go to Sweden or to online stores and buy as much as they can within the limit of 350 kroner. The claim that this was the right accusation for public health is therefore completely wrong, says Forsberg.

In itself, he says that the sales trends in Norway are even worse than the sales figures, because they also include sales to Sweden – which have increased in the past six months.

"This compensates a bit, but the overall decline is great anyway, and in the future development will only increase," warns Forsberg.

Expert: Should not be surprised

Good or bad: Norwegian politicians have just been ordered, says food expert Erik Fagerlid.

"The developments we are seeing now can not possibly be a surprise for politicians, who should have seen this in advance, Fagerlid says to E24.

"But they can still arrange this if they want it.

– So to withdraw the sugar levy?

– Yes, both, and make changes to VAT exemptions for foreign trade. And what I experience that the industry does not respond to – rightly so – is a process behind these decisions where the Norwegian industry is not heard, says Fagerlid.

"Now it is very protesting, will politicians listen to budgetary work?

"In any case, it works pretty hard on the lobby side, and my impression is that it exceeds both the sugar price and the 350-crown limit, says Fagerlid, but states that nothing has been clarified.

If the tax and import limit remain unchanged, he is not sure how much Hamstring from Noren Sweden can actually grow from here.

"After all, there is a limit to how many candy Norwegians manage to come in. It will not be a disaster for the nation, but is clearly hopeless for the Norwegian players.

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