Tax offenses affected by addicts

  TERAPIDUO: Laila Mjeldheim operates the sales company The Norwegian Kart Company, which sells card entries on its own card. Espen Andresen is the founder of Addictology Akademiet AS.
TERAPIDUO: Laila Mjeldheim operates the sales company The Norwegian kart company, which sells card entries on its own card. Espen Andresen is the founder of Addictology Akademiet AS. Photo: Caroline Bremer


Skatt Øst has acted against controversial therapists Espen Andresen and Laila Mjeldheim after VG & # 39; s revelations on financial performance from their companies.


This happened unannounced and at several addresses simultaneously on an early morning in June, VG is lit up from independent sources.

It was Tax East's tax office that carried out the operation. The home address of Espen Andresen, founder of Addictology Akademiet AS, should have been one of the places visited VG illuminated.

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Skattekrim was also in The Norwegian kartselskabet AS which is The sales company of the closest colleague of Andresen, Laila Mjeldheim.

– Unannounced inspections are used, for example, if notification jeopardizes the purpose of the check, explains communication manager Anders Hedeman in the Directorate of Tax Affairs in general.

During the well-planned bookkeeping, Skattekrim the contents of the phones of Andresens and Mjeldheim, as well as of various hard drives.

– Hard disks and telephones used in the company are considered part of the "archives" of the company. The tax authorities can copy these for later research, Hedeman explains.

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Since July VG published several important articles about the therapy of Espen Andresen and his collaboration with Laila Mjeldheim in the karting company.

More than 20 delegates have told VG about the strong social control, group psychotherapy and the pursuit of money from the often vulnerable clients.

After leaving the environment around Andresen and Mjeldheim, also some experienced were contacted by torpedoes.

In April, VG continued to document how Espen Andresen demanded cash payment for more of its services for a number of years .

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A shepherd also told the story of how he had to hand over tens of thousands in cash to Laila Mjeldheim da he had to join the Addictology Academy.

Both Mjeldheim and Andresen have rejected all the circumstances mentioned in VG.

Tax: Confidentiality

– It may happen that we enter individual companies if it is in the interests of society that these types of companies are checked in the cards. These are tasks that our tax collector does, "said Øivind Strømme, director of the regional ministry of taxes, VG after the launch in April

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Skattekrim's mission is to expose rough tax evasion and to deal with the most complicated cases.

– The tax authorities do not comment on whether or not the accounting has been completed. Tax Directorate can be the result of an accounting "corrections of taxes and levies, the imposition of additional taxes, accounting orders and coercive duties." According to the Directorate of Taxes, press officer Merete Jebsen asked VG for the specific bookkeeping. of the check, taxpayers may in some cases be notified to the police. "

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– No reaction

Both Laila Mjeldheim and Espen Andresen have now linked Advokatfirmaet Hjort to various issues.

Mjeldheim & # 39; s lawyer Pål Sverre Hærnes states that his client has no comment on VG & # 39; s questions about bookkeeping.

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Hereby the customers of the company GPS-savvy [19659041] Attorney Finn Magne Prydz represents Espen Andresen, but not in this case.

– For reasons of interest, I therefore declare that I do not help Espen Andresen in connection with any accounting. That is why I can not comment, Prydz writes in an e-mail to VG.

Andresen himself has not answered VG's questions. In April Andresen spoke of the following in connection with questions about the financial functioning of his academy:

" The Addictology Academy (AA) deals with legal activities in all types of addiction problems. we do this in accordance with good business practices, we have an accountant and a statutory auditor who checks the accounts, otherwise I consider these issues as the tax office's table. "

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Earning millions

Despite a decreasing number of customers, 2017 was a very good year for Addictology Akademiet AS and FUN Norge AS. It is the two companies that Espen Andresen owns and conducts its therapy and price activities.

In total, a turnover of NOK 7.3 million was recorded in 2017 in the two companies. It is 1.9 million more than in 2016. The total profit before tax was NOK 2.3 million.

In total, Andresen has taken over three million crowns in salaries, dividends and rights from their companies, according to the accounts

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Lost capital

At the same time the most recent accounting figures from the Norwegian kart company at Mjeldheim show that 2017 went badly.

Sales decreased from 11.7 million in 2016 to about NOK 9 million in 2017 for the company to Laila Mjeldheim, the lowest since the start of 2007. The operating result ended with a loss of 2.1 million.

The subsidiary of the board to Mjeldheim, the sole owner and sole member of the board, was still NOK 2.3 million

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Refer to the media

The reports show that Mjeldheim believes that the past year was extraordinary. [19659062] "Submissions by journalists and negative reports in the VG newspaper have caused damage to the company and caused material costs for legal aid and other media advisers, but the company has succeeded in maintaining a very good turnover. believes that in a short time it will generate results that cover negative equity, " says in the accounts.

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