The bombing action: illegal action blocks the highway

The traffic was quiet across Bybrua, through the entire eastern part of the city, Kannik and off to the E39, when the bump resistance resumed from 6 pm on Wednesday. Although the action had to be completed at 6.30 pm, traffic was still set at 8 pm.

Illegal action

After the roadside campaign was formally closed at 6.30 pm, some drivers in groups chose to continue the action at various locations in Stavanger. On the highway E39, three cars broke and blocked the traffic as they tapped in a flash and flashed with the lights. No one came past the three cars that blocked the entire direction of travel. They act in different pools, a caller says.

The police confirm that groups of shareholders continue.

"We keep an eye on the situation and patrol there, we discover that this is beyond the limits we have approved," says operations manager.

"This can be arranged in section 3 of the Road Traffic Act, a card that is suitable for driver cards," says Operations Manager.

Currently, the police monitor and try to control the actors to end the blocking of the highway.

– It is very unfortunate. Most of all have seen most of the framework for the demonstration. Then there are a few who go solo, the police say.

Police reported traffic was stamped at Bybrua in Stavanger at 5.45 pm. An hour later it was also in Sandnes.

Two hours after the start of the action and one and a half hours after it was completed, the traffic was still almost silent over Bybrua, at Haugesund Street, at Madlaveien in the theater and in Kannik.

Many cars stayed taut as they had done while the action continued and more callers told Aftenbladet.

That is the chaos day in Bybrua

Stavanger: Last car in the bumpers action was driven from Grasholmen at 6.30 pm. Monkeys and singing ends and people are on their way home, reports the police. Traffic still stands in Haugesundsgata in the eastern district at 6.40 pm.

At 6.50 pm the police reported that the queue had been resolved above Bybrua, but ten minutes later, at 6.50 pm, the boom stopped. At 19.30 hours there is still a very slow row about Bybrua.

An hour earlier the line extended to Paint in the eastern part of the city and the Bergeland tunnel. The police announce that the queues are expected to spread to the E39.

Sandnes: The police estimate about 1000 demonstrators protesting in Sandnes against the tire stations that are due on 1 October. The number of demonstrators is still growing. Traffic is led by the police in Oalsgata to prevent it from stopping.

The demonstration creates a queue in Oalsgata.

The police warned that there might be a line

"Traffic problems can occur long before the action starts at 18 and can last until late at night, they write in a post they posted on Facebook Tuesday:

"It is expected that the actions against tolls in Stavanger and Sandnes will cause other drivers major problems with accessibility on Wednesday." The extent of traffic problems is uncertain because nobody knows how many people want to participate. "In Stavanger we should expect the islands bordering the sea, Stavanger East, the city center, Hillevåg, Kannik, Madlaveien and other major roads are hit hard, and in Sandnes there will probably be significant traffic challenges in the area of ​​action, "wrote the police on Facebook.

Webcam where you can see traffic in Bybrua:

They recommend everyone who has to set off to work, to fly, to train and the like to get out of it at a very good time.

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That is the chaos day in Bybrua

The police allow action in Bybrua

The police of shocking reaction: – Nobody is allowed to close the bridge

Can be extended

It is emphasized that traffic problems can last for a few hours.

"The police assume that the action management ensures that the conditions of the action are known and followed, and we also assume that you, as a participant, contribute to the action taken within an approved framework, so that the emergency services get their work and you do not unnecessarily exert heavy pressure on other residents. "The police stress that the law also applies to such actions," says the Facebook post.

– Show the tradition of people

The emergency services and the municipality of Stavanger have funds on the side of Hundvåg in connection with the operation to ensure the safety of the residents.

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"Questions about the actions should be addressed to those who have signed up and are responsible and we have no possibility to answer questions here. We also ask for folklore and caution, both in the comments and on the roads, "writes the police and leaves:

"Take responsibility, so we avoid unfortunate episodes during the action!"

The approvals for Stavanger and Sandnes are here:…/…/2018/08/21/aksjon-mot-bompenger/

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