The cappella would be released to trap Jensen and "get him on tap"

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The two policemen who met him worked intelligently and informally, but they did not tell Cappelen when they met him in prison. Instead, they told two people that they were talking to people and that they were not researchers.

The two Spaniards had a hidden recruiter, something Cappelen did not know.

Characterized by the guardianship

The recordings of the lectures were played in the Court of Appeal on Tuesday. Hockey importer and leader The cappelle is repeatedly seen as clearly marked by the arrest and the weeks in custody.

He asks for amnesty, but it is said that it is not possible. The policemen say to Cappelen that the gossip will happen to him once and that the only one who can help him is himself.

– I understand what situation I am. I do not want it to escalate any more, I would like to finish this. I am on a lot of information. I have been the source of the Oslo police for more than 20 years, says Cappelen.

"But we are looking for something different, I think you know what it is, says a policeman.

"If we have to concentrate on that subject, I will leave here and it will be a bomb," Cappelen said.

"If we are talking about the same thing, if we understand each other, then it must be correct, fully 100% verifiable, says the other team.

Then I and my wife will go out.

"Bring him on tap"

In various conversations with the police, Cappelen tells us that if he is released, he can meet Jensen and "get him on the tap". He suggests that the police can equip him and his car with shooting equipment.

"If we had brought him up, there would never have been any discussion, then there was taste and with him in the cage, then he was done.

Cappelen claims that shortly after they met for the first time in 1993, Jensen panicked about money and agreed that Jensen would receive 500 kroner for every kilogram of smuggled cannabis.

"There has been a lot of pressure, every day he has a money mast.

During the interviews it is clear that he knows what Jensen is likely to be condemned if he is convicted of corruption and involvement in shrimp smuggling.

– He gets 20 years old, this is the worst thing there has been.

At the same time he warns the police that Jensen is dangerous.

"He's the clinic and has a weapon that does not look like the pig, he sleeps with a gun under the pillow, it's not just a rambuck there, it smells like it's smelling the other way.

– At home of the woman and the children

Again and again Cappelen makes it clear that he has to be paid well to tell about Jensen. In the third interview with the police he immediately asks:

– Did you say that I'm out of guardianship?

– No, there has not been a theme.

"The most important thing for me is to get me out, so that I can come home to my wife and children.

Cappelen says he is worried about the insecurity by staying in detention for a long time and that it would help a lot to know when he can escape.

– Four weeks, it's good, two months too.

More than four and a half years later, he is still in prison.

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